Meet Corry Matthews

Normally when I introduce a business, I introduce the business by name, but this time, I’d rather you start off by meeting the owner.  You’ve met Corry before, actually, she’s the one who introduced me to protein powder that tastes like Nestle’s Quick, which is actually a godsend right now, because post-radiation I hate food. (It’s very sad).  Anyway, Corry is a local business owner, mom, fitness and nutrition expert, and author, and I really want you to meet the “mom behind the magic”.

I had a chance to chat with Corry the other day about a few of her passions, including her kids, fitness, and her nutrition businesses.  Here’s a little of what we chatted about.
Being a mom is really hard! I know we all have a million hats in the air.  How do you find time to do everything that you do on a daily basis and help your family stay healthy?
I feel like the key is that too many times moms think “as long as I take care of the kids and their needs, it’s fine”, but they never take care of themselves.  Moms, we’re just tired all day long and it’s always give, give, give.  Even I am tempted (and I do) to just run through the drive through sometimes, but what kind of example is that? I think it’s about little changes, mom being able to cook something for dinner that can go in the car to soccer and gymnastics is a big help!

It is always give, give, give! We started our “school” schedule and we’re running constantly from scouts to soccer to hockey to art…How do you find time to take care of yourself in the midst of all that?
There is a discipline to it.  As far as exercise, I do get up early and get on the treadmill before my kids wake up, I use the preschool time at the gym to both network and sneak in a workout, and I get my real “me” time after the kids go to bed.  It would be great to have more of that “me” time, but I try to schedule my day with all the things I need, including time for myself, and really keep to it.  I’ve found that keeping to a schedule really allows me to have more down time for me.  It’s not, by any means, perfect, sometimes I have to really tell myself “do what you’d tell your clients to do”. 
I think that’s what makes working with you as a fitness coach or nutrition expert really easy, is that you are a real person, a real mom, so you get how it is.
My favorite part of the book (Corry is co-author of 9 Months In 9 Months Out) is actually the birth stories at the end.  All of the authors had a connection to health or fitness, but here I was and I needed an emergency C-section, basically any kind of medical everything you could possibly need, I had to have it.  I think that as moms we need to have some reality with each other so we see there’s some light at the end of the tunnel, even when it doesn’t go the way we plan.
That’s so true- I think there’s a lot of pressure on moms in the media, on Pinterest, even just standing around at preschool.  How do you meet moms where they are and help them with health and fitness without it being more pressure?
When moms see Kate Middleton four weeks postpartum in a size zero, it’s hard, but I try to tell people, look, this is her role in life, to look a certain way.  You don’t see the six hours of physical training, you don’t see the restricted diet, and the constant pressure.  What it’s really about is you and your goals and who you are.  Are you a size 14 and unhappy? Where will you be happy- if it’s size 10 jeans, great, let’s do that, but if it’s more energy and feeling healthier, let’s do that, too. We can lose weight and be healthier, yes, but at the end of the day, let’s be happy.
I’m so about that- let’s be happy.  How can you help moms on that journey to happy- whatever it looks like? I think it can be a little intimidating, I know the first time I came to your store (Corry is the owner of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s Manassas and Springfield locations) I was worried there would be a “Must Be This Buff to Enter” sign!

(Laughs) You know, Max was actually the Founder’s dog, and that logo is from his cultural heritage.  What it really is about is sitting down with me or my staff, and I only hire people who really care.  My Manassas store manager used to weigh over 300 pounds, so when you talk about compassion, he’s got it! If the store scares you, we have a Starbucks right next door, and I’ll meet moms for a nutrition/fitness consultation anywhere, even over the phone while baby naps! I’ll come speak to moms groups, I’ll come to school events, you can even bring a buddy with you.  I like to just sit down with people and talk about what their reality is right now, and then I always ask about what three things I can’t touch.  For most moms, that’s their morning coffee with half and half and their afternoon chocolate fix!

Well, you’re not helping anyone if mommy snaps and is screaming at everyone from lack of caffeine!

Right!  From there, it’s little changes that anyone can do without it being a burden.  This isn’t “no sugar” or “no carbs”, it’s small changes versus big sacrifices.
If you think you might be ready to make a few small changes in your life towards whatever your goals are, whether they’re pre-pregnancy jeans, feeling more energetic, or just getting happier, Corry is happy to meet with moms for free nutrition consultations.  She’s certified in pregnancy and post-partum nutrition, as well as in kids nutrition (think about your student-athlete who is living off Doritos), and she’s happy to meet you in her store, or at Starbucks.  To set up your appointment:
Corry Matthews 703-772-7113
Or, you can call the store for manager Stephen at 703-897-6299 (or just walk in, I promise you don’t have to be any particular shape or size to walk right in! Heck, they let me in!)