Max Muscle Update

So as part of this process with Max Muscle, a large part of my work has been cleaning up my act where eating is concerned, which means making changes in how frequently I eat and what I choose to chomp on.

There’ve been some winners and some losers in this process.  I thought I’d share and see if you all have any input as to what works for you when it comes to eating healthy.

Suggested Food:  Egg Whites
Losing: Plain Egg Whites

Winning!: Egg whites are actually not that bad! However, I need my food to taste like something, and I’ve found that 1 tablespoon of hot salsa, a few shakes of Tabasco Sauce, or 1 tablespoon of feta cheese and some spinach if you’re trying to be fancy, makes them amazing.  I usually go for the Tabasco.  Buying them pre-separated makes using them a lot easier, too.

Suggested Food: Protein Bars
Losing: Luna Protein Bars in Peanut Butter.  Y’all.  I am a fat girl.  I love food, and I love peanut butter.  I couldn’t get one bite of this sucker down. Not One.  I think that’s funny because the Luna White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies Bars are amazing.

Winning!: 1/2 of a Cliff Builder Bar in Chocolate is amazing, as is any variety of Kind Bar I’ve ever had.  They sell the Kind Bars in Max Muscle, too, although they’re not really high in protein but they have a lot of healthy fats.  Max Muscle also has Power Crunch bars, if you can get them- they’re frequently gone because they’re so popular. They taste like wafer cookies, if you used to eat those as a kid. Yum 🙂

Suggested Food: Max Muscle Protein Shakes
Winning: Chocolate IsoMax Powder.  It tastes like coconut to me when mixed with almond milk (not like chocolate), but it’s pleasant.  
Winning!: Max Muscle Triple Whey in Chocolate.  I like Chocolate, don’t judge me.  This stuff seriously does not taste like protein powder.  It tastes like Nestle Quick.  The only reason I didn’t buy this was because I’m slightly dairy sensitive and I wanted the isolate.  I’ve come to love this as a quick breakfast.  Before starting this process I always skipped breakfast and now I’m actually hungry in the morning if I do that, but with kids and commitments speed is king. When you go in to Max Muscle, they’ll actually do a tasting for you, just like a winery but proteiny-er.  Which is totally a word. 
Suggested Food: Meat.
Losing: I don’t really love meat.  I eat it, but I don’t love it.  When I eat it, at least in the past, I’ve typically used it as a conduit for getting more sauce.  Bread works equally as well.  I do not love meat without sauce. No sauce is a fail.
Winning!: I also love Middle Eastern food, though, and they’ve got the solution.  Greek Yogurt is a happy food on my plan, and if you put three crushed garlic cloves into a large container of low fat or fat free Greek Yogurt overnight, you have made sauce! Delicious, creamy, garlic sauce! Win.  Garlic, cilantro, parsley, jalepeno and red wine vinegar pureed in the food processor also works.  (Do you see a theme here with spicy things?) 
What helps you keep your diet healthy? Do you need some tips, too? (Or maybe you already have the fitness thing down? That’s cool, too!) Come out and join me for our next Mommies Night Out at Max Muscle! Corry, who as I’ve mentioned a few times has been amazing, is promising that cupcakes and wine go with losing weight, and I’m willing to buy what she’s selling 😉 
We’ll have vendors and raffles (if you’re interested in coming, let me know) and some great time together! If you’re planning to join us, please RSVP to my email so we know who to expect.  Newbies to fitness, new moms (especially new moms!) and fitness divas are all welcome!