Look! I’m all a legit Mom-Blogger and Stuff

As you may remember from facebook, I got to go to a Real.Live.Mommy.Blogger.Thing!!

Y’all, if there is a swag bag and I get to put on makeup, I will show up at your event.  Make a note of that for your upcoming events where you would like a completely unknown person from the internet to show up at your organization’s event.  Swag bag + makeup + no kids= Me there.  Your MOPS group needs a speaker? I’ll show up.  PTA meeting? Yup.  There, too.  Seriously.

I was nationally ranked in Model United Nations in high school, people.  I’ll even give an impromptu speech on the topic of your choice.  83.4% of statistics are made up on the spot, anyway.  (You can’t tell it from the way I write, but I actually do give lovely speeches!)

So…back to the business at hand.  Jessica from A Parent in Silver Spring is who most “location based” mommy bloggers want to be when they grow up.  I am not really a blogger because I (usually) don’t subject you all to stories about my day-to-day with kids, and I’m not really all that legit because I don’t make money doing this, and at the first event I went to that Jessica was at, someone had to pull me aside and go “CAN! YOU! BELIEVE! PARENTINSILVERSPRINGISHERE!!!!” and I had to smile and nod like I knew.  Then, like an idiot, I met OMGAPARENTINSILVERSPRING!! And even with the warning was totally the idiot that went “um, who?” to her very confident introduction.

So, that was the first time I felt like an uninformed idiot at a mommy blogger event.  It happens a lot.  I like to think of it as reminding me about the first time you show up at a playgroup surrounded by people with a different parenting style that they all know about and you’ve never heard of.

“Ummm, actually, I don’t really read baby books…I figure we’ll just pick it up as we go.”
“Right. Okay, we’re actually late for slurpees and playing with knives.”

There was a point here.  Oh! Right.  So, I got to go to another of these fun events (And, they really are fun.  I love meeting all the cool women who are out there sharing their passion and information with the world.) and this time I knew who A Parent in Silver Spring was.  Which was especially good, because she was hosting.

Yup, that’s her on the right.  Check.
I met a bunch of very cool bloggers who cover everything from technology to their kids’ daily lives.  Oh, and there was a coffee lady.  I loved her.  Yay, coffee!!
So, those were the players.  Bunch of moms, some nice T-Mobile employees who wore pink sparkle santa hats (even the guys), and a bunch of yummy looking food that I did not eat because I am on a perpetually failing diet.  Yay.
This is me, unfortunately sucking my face into my neck while laughing at the poor T-Mobile guy in the pink hat. There were games you could play for chances to win T-mobile devices, which was fun, but let me just say that those people who claim you can “want things into being” are totally right because while I was just meandering and enjoying there were some mommas that WANTED A PHONE!!! NEEDED A PHONE!!! PHONE PHONE PHONE!!
And those women? They totally won! I don’t think anyone that won was like me and thinking “huh! that’d be a fun giveaway on my blog!”, no- the winners were all HYPER FOCUSED ON WINNING! So, for what it’s worth, if you ever go to one of these deals, be FOCUSED and clear with the universe about what you want.
This lady, for example, (love the iPhone in the T-mobile picture? me, too!) won a phone.  I’m smiling in the background, but that’s because I’m happy to be alive because she was actually filming the entire time they were doing the drawing and whipped her hand around to film herself screaming.
Y’all, I almost got pimp-slapped by an iPhone.  No joke.  I was ready, though, because my iPhone has a faux-crystal studded case, and I’m pretty sure we could have taken that flimsy see-through one in a fight….
Actually, probably not.  I break my screen a lot and my husband would’ve been ticked.  But, it would have been funny.
Me: “And then I was all “Surprise Jazz Hands!” 
Blogger Across from me: “I am in awe of how ginormous you look next to me, from the fluff of your hair to the height to the massive girth! Did your mom put miracle grow in your cheerios?”
So, in the end, being as I am an Apple girl, I thought that I would go to this T-Mobile thing and pick up my swag bag (which was cute!) and leave happy.  I didn’t really look at the phones, to be completely honest, because my iPhone, as previously mentioned, has a sparkle-case and that’s all I really need in a phone carrier.  I drop calls like they’re hot, but it’s gotten better over the last few years, and my husband picks our carrier without any input from me, so it doesn’t really matter how I feel, WE WILL HAVE IPHONES!!
There was this really cool thing called a Springboard that I totally fell in love with.  Here’s the text conversation I had with my iHubby about it:
Me: “Dude- I am actually in love with this Tmobile tablet thingy”
iHubby: “Ugh, why?”
Me: “It’s kindle-sized, not as bulky as your iPad, and it has flash!”
iHubby: “Flash is dead.  Adobe said they won’t maintain it anymore.  Flash website should abandon all hope.”
Me: “You’re a dork.  This thing is cute.”
Whatever.  I still want one.  We don’t do Santa, so if one of you could tell him for me, that’d be awesome.
(And yes, I know what you’re thinking, I do love him for his suaveness.)
In addition to the Springboard that I love, but am not allowed to have because it doesn’t have a lowercase “i” in front of its name, T-Mobile gave us some really great resources, including a list of fun holiday apps and a list of questions to ask if you’re buying a mobile device for the holidays.  I was a huge fan of the questions to ask, because my husband obviously has very strong opinions about technology, and buying for him can be intimidating.  I’m putting them in here, too, because I’m really shooting for the longest blog post, ever, which I assume most of you have quit reading because you abandoned all hope, much like flash-based websites.

As mentioned in this post, T-Mobile hosted an event, which I attended.  I was provided with information, a small gift bag, and offered food and/or drink.  There was no requirement of a post, however, I am choosing to write one, and all opinions are my own.  I still love my sparkly iPhone.