Let’s Talk Community

Hello Loves of My Life,

All several thousand of you.

Listen, you guys are awesome.  Totally and completely awesome.  And, numerous! You’re so very numerous.  Your collective knowledge is so much more vast than my individual knowledge could ever possibly be.  However, I have a lot of people who know to come here to find things.  That means, we should totally team up.

As an example, I’m like peanut butter.  Good, all on its own.  However, together, we could be like chocolate plus peanut butter….

Yum.  So much better than peanut butter alone!

Oh, you have a peanut allergy?  Ummm…..how about this:

Look, we’re like Peas and Carrots!  Amazing!
So, let’s talk about the new blog line up that I’m going to be rolling out in February and how you can totally get in on it.
1) Kristina! I totally love to go places! And write about stuff!
Hello, new BFF! I want you to write stuff about places!  Went to the playground? Tell us about it and send a picture! Checked out a library event? I want to know, and so does everyone else! We’re all nosy! Tried a business I haven’t been to? Let’s share with the class! Available to go check stuff out (or always wanted to go somewhere but would looove to go for free?) email me a proposal and I’ll help you set it up!! I’ll include a link to your website, blog, or business if you’d like, too! Especially if you have kids younger (babies and toddlers) or older (tweens and teens) than me, I’d love to hear about where you go, what you like, and what you do! I can’t take my kids to baby story times or classes anymore, so share with other moms about things you try (good or bad!) it’s a huge community service!  Plus, you know you want to be internet-famous! It looks awesome in one of those holiday brag letters! Use this space! It’s free! 
2) Kristina! I totally love to write about mommy-related stuff and/or kids!!  And rant about things! 
I’d love to feature you as a guest blogger, which I’m hoping to have happen every Thursday. That’s the day I teach at our homeschool co-op, and having a guest blog to go up makes my life so much easier!  This is a great way to get exposure for your own website, and I like to share!Use this space! It’s free! 
3) Kristina! I totally hate to write, but I looooove to take pictures! Of everything!
Send me your pictures!! I want to get you guys more invovled in interacting with the site, and I’m going to be starting a “Wordless Wednesday” where I feature a photographer, momtographer, or somebody who got lucky with an iPhone! Your picture can be of a local place, landmark, scene, your kids, whatever you want! Just email it to me with a title for your picture or a brief (sentence or less) caption.  Want a link with that? Sure! Have your own blog? You’ll be able to link your picture up with the picture I select to feature each week! Start sending them now, because I want to get a few weeks ahead of myself! Use this space! It’s free! 
4) Kristina!! I totally own/volunteer at/love a non-profit! I want to get in on Featured Organization Friday! 
Oh my gosh, thanks for remembering! I love to feature non-profits of ANY kind that are family friendly.  Send me your organization’s profile in whatever format you’d like that you think will get you noticed by our readers, and we’ll plug you in for a Friday.  I WANT TO HAVE AN ORGANIZATION EVERY FRIDAY!! We have so many great organizations and groups in our community, so having this space vacant breaks my heart! Use this space! It’s free! 
5) Kristina!! I am hoping to be A Big Deal on Pinterest! Can I share a recipe or craft and have you share my Pinterest Board so people will follow me? 
Heck yeah you can! I love crafts and food ideas, lets do this! Own a crafty business and want a link to your business page instead of your Pinterest? That’s good, too.  Use this space! It’s free! 
6) Kristina!! I have some other AWESOME idea that I think will be AWESOME for some AWESOME reason!
Email me, peeps! I love hearing from you (well, when you’re not mad) and I’m sure we can make it work!