Leesylvania State Park’s Junior Ranger Program 2013

Leesylvania State Park offers a “Junior Ranger” program each summer.  There are several dates, as well as campouts.  For additional information, call the visitor center at 703-583-6904.  
About the Program

The Junior Ranger program at Leesylvania State Park is all about
hands-on practical learning opportunities in a well supervised set-
ting. It is a great way for you and your child to learn about the rich
history and nature that is in your own backyard.

Each day we cover a new topic, and introduce fun educational activi-
ties that help keep things fun and interesting. We offer different
activities each year so don’t worry about this being your second or
third time as a participant.

The program is designed with the outdoors in mind so the majority of
the time is spent in our 556 acre park. We have two leaders for
each session who work together to create a safe and secure learn-
ing environment.

Fee’s – There is a $60.00 enrollment fee per session for each partici-
pant. This covers all supplies, graduation certificate, t-shirt, and

Items to bring – Keep in mind that we will be outdoors so please
bring the following:

Water (not soda)
Tennis Shoes/boots (no sandals)
Extra socks
Bug spray
Hand Sanitizer
A snack for snack time

Family Night – Parents are always encouraged to take part in our
daily activities. There is also a family camp out night several times
during the summer for graduates of the program. These are held at
the Bushey Point campground, and start at 7:30pm. There are vari-
ous activities including night hikes and cooking. Families can leave
any time they choose, or camp out overnight and leave the next
morning. See the back for dates.

A day at Junior Rangers

Parents can drop off their children up to 15 minutes before
the scheduled start of their session. ALL PARTICIPANTS are
to be signed in at the beginning of the day, and at the end of
the day will need to be signed out by a guardian.

Once the first participants arrive the Junior Ranger leaders
will introduce them to one another, and will wait for everyone
to arrive at Shelter #2. Then once everyone has arrived and
is signed in by their parents the day starts.

Depending on the age group activities will vary. They
include, but are not limited to: Nature hikes, river seining,
pond play, historical games, and canoeing for the 10-12 year
old participants.

If a Junior Ranger has been an active participant each day
they will be able to take part in a graduation ceremony. This
takes place the last 30 minutes on the final day of each
session. Children will talk about what they learned and
receive a certificate, t-shirt, and patch.

Can I sign up over the phone? -No-There are lots of thing to
cover with parents before they sign their child up and we
need to make sure they understand everything. Payment is
due when you sign up at the visitor center (no holding spots).
What if it rains? -We take kids inside, or under a covered
shelter during a rain, or bad weather event.
Can I sign up for more than one session? – We are happy to
have participants sign up again, but we will have to put you
on a waiting list to see if others, who have not been through
the program, would like to give it a try.
Strict about age groups? – We like to keep our age groups
together but we might be able to work with parents. No
children under 4 allowed. Sessions are 15 participants max