CirqueDreams Holidaze

CDH 2017 Tour 05

Broadway Director, Neil Goldberg, searched the world to assemble the most unique cast of incomparable artists and unrivaled talent to wow audiences in this year’s production of “Cirque Dreams Holidaze”.  New York Daily News has proclaimed the spectacle as “a delicious confection of charm, sparkle and talent by the sleigh load.” “The perfect holiday gift […]

Bored? Let’s Math!


From Kristina: We’re about halfway through summer, which means that you’re probably ready for school to start again mostly because your kids are telling you they’re “bored.” (This is when I like to tell them about “jump rope” or cue up videos of kids in other countries playing happily with a stick and an old […]

Organizing Homeschool Lessons

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When we first started homeschooling, we used Classical Conversations as a spine and then built out from the weekly memory work.  CC can be really great- but it is very dependent on your community’s director. We moved campuses when I was sick the first time, and the director was so awful to my family that […]

Frosty Fun Party


Some days it is just too hot to play outside.  When the air quality is black or the heat index is triple-digits, you need a new game plan that doesn’t involve the great outdoors. So…what should you do? Well, you can obviously check out our family calendar for activity ideas (hint hint), or check out […]

Keep Cool Outside


Looking for some ways to keep extra cool outside? Here are a few of our picks!

4th of July 2018


It’s time for 4th of July fun!! Manassas Park hosts a free event each year. Celebrate the Fourth of July with FREE shuttles from VRE and City Hall at Signal Hill Park beginning at 6:00pm. There will also be a variety of food trucks. At dusk, you will see an amazing fireworks display! FREE for […]

Math Games for Summer- Put Things In Order


Even if your kids aren’t Elmo fanatics- I’m sure that YOU watched enough Sesame Street as a kid to know that putting things in order is one of the first math concepts kids begin to understand. Smallest to largest, youngest to oldest, shortest to longest. It’s a real world math activity that kids do almost […]

School Options Seminar Wrap-Up


Thank you so much to those who came out for our first “School Options Seminar.”  We had a very informative day with lots of different ways you can make school work for your family. Thank you to the following organizations who came out, and especially to Christ Chapel Academy who hosted us in their amazing […]

Need Summer Math?


Kids lose so much of what they learned during the school year during summer vacation.  I don’t think there’s any argument there.  And, whether your child is ahead, fighting to keep up, or a little behind in math- nobody wants to slip backwards.  A summer math learning program can assist kids who need or want […]

Stanley Cup Snack Pinterest Roundup


I love hockey.  LOVE it.  I will willingly get out of bed at 4:30am on a Saturday to watch my kid play defense. Okay, so not like, super willingly- but I am happy by the time the puck drops. Having the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Finals is amazing at my house.  We are […]

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