Hey Hey Chick-Fil-A

Or, “I’m Going to HotLanta, People!”

Chick-Fil-A had a contest.  I will enter their contest, I said.
(This is a childhood book reference.  Did anyone get it?)

Anyway.  Then, I won, which was both amazing and terrifying!  Let’s start with amazing!

The very fabulous owners of Chick-Fil-A Woodbridge invited my family and me to come for a VIP dinner.  It was only slightly embarrassing because the whole staff clapped for me, and I’m not really clap-worthy.  Then, we got to have dinner at a lovely table that had balloons and cows everywhere!  The kids loved it, and I did, too! Stars are my favorite 🙂

(My kids realized we had more candy and balloons and cows than we needed for our family of 5, so they proceeded to frustrate every parent in the store by handing them out to other kids. If you were one of the parents forcibly given candy by my children, I apologize)

 (This is Helen, who was our hostess with the mostess)

So then, we got to go on a tour! This was actually neat, and you can have a tour, too, by appointment. It’s a fairly short experience, but they start with the history of Chick-Fil-A (did you know the chicken figure in the logo has a name? It’s “Doodle”.) and then take you in the back and show you the products, storage areas, production line, and fryers.

I think that this tour is the PERFECT length for a preschool class- not too long, not too short, they can all talk about how much they love cookies and….

Ohmigosh! The cow jumped out of the fridge!!  The cow!!  Come on, you guys know you love the cow!  Okay, well, I love the cow.

This kid is an EXPERT at photo bombing, but here he’s just making the lemon face while we check out how CFA makes their lemonade.  Did you know some sweet person actually juices lemons each day so that your lemonade can be tasty? Like, actually stands at the back, cuts the lemons open, and puts them on a lemon juicer.

We had so much fun on our VIP night, and loved getting to meet Luis, the operator, and Helen,  who’s the Marketing Manager.  Incidentally, these two are married and two of their children also own Virginia Chick-Fil-A’s.  Apparently it’s a great business to get in to.  (Heads up to all of you who are always complaining there’s not one in Dumfries!)

So, this part was super awesome!  And, I get to go to Atlanta with my hubby, to see the CFA headquarters, which is fun, too! I’ve never been to Atlanta.

The downside to all of this is that I’m TERRIFIED of flying! Like, shaking in my boots stealing a Pamper from the kid next to me freaked out.  Okay, maybe not stealing a Pamper….I’d totally ask first.

I’m really excited to go, though, and especially excited for probably the best date ever (that’s right, hubby- I’m throwing the gauntlet here!) since we’ll fly down, take our tour and fly back all without the kids, that’s our first (and probably only) jet-set date ever.  #Winning.

Anyone else not a flying fan? Because I’m taking suggestions on calming down 🙂

Also, thanks to Chick-Fil-A and especially CFA Woodbridge for the great time and awesome prize! We’re really excited, even if I’m a little nervous about the traveling! Also, thanks to you guys if you voted!