Hayfield Comic Con

Hayfield Comic Con is coming!

Hayfield Comic Con, Hayfield Secondary School’s first ever comic convention and
fundraiser, is coming this April 11th from 10 AM- 4 PM. Hayfield Comic Con, which will
support and be supported by the combined after school program “Club Orange”, will
provide a learning experience for student artists, as well as activities for everyone to

Building off of the years of convention experience from the show organizers, Hayfield
Comic Con will provide attendees with an authentic convention feel that has something
for everyone, be they new to conventions or old fans. Attendees will be able to participate
in a Cosplay Contest, meet with student and professional artists, attend panels about a
variety of topics, and take pictures in the “Cosplayground”. And, best yet, admission is

The con will also introduce an event called the “Epic Loot Table”. This table, run by
Hayfield high schoolers, will be the heartbeat of the con. This table will run the “Club
Orange Raffle”, giving people the opportunity to buy raffle tickets to win a variety of sci-
fi, fantasy, gaming and comic prizes. This table will also be where people can participate
in the “CONquest”, a convention hall scavenger hunt to win even more raffle tickets. All
proceeds from the raffle will go towards funding “Club Orange” for the rest of the school

Held inside Hayfield Secondary School’s two cafeterias, with student volunteers, as well
as free tables for Hayfield Students, it promises to be a convention like no other. It is the
hope of Hayfield Club Orange to bring a love of art, comics, and video games to the
Northern Virginia area, as well as provide a place for people to have fun being
themselves amongst other fans.

For more details, directions and the latest news you can find Hayfield Comic Con online
on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hayfieldcomiccon

Limited space for vendors, guests and artists to exhibit is still available. For any
questions, to reserve your space or for press inquiries please contact Scott Markley at