Guest Post/Deal: My School Swap

As you may recall, I was a huge sucker and did time in PTA last year.  As such, I was always looking for new ideas to raise money.  Here’s one that contacted PwcMoms and has a deals for current PTA Board members who’d like to try it out.
What goes around, comes around.
We know schools can always use extra money—especially this time of year. We can get overwhelmed with fundraisers, yet we know it’s important to support our children’s schools. 
Here is a way to do your spring cleaning AND support your school.
A Gainesville mom just launched a new Classified Ad web site that brings the community together to benefit schools everywhere. It’s friendly, easy-to-use and secure. It’s just starting to pick up momentum in Prince William County with hopes to expand.
It’s called My School Swap!
Buy and sell used stuff…
Members can post Ads for all kinds of things: used sports equipment, baby items, books, furniture, handmade items, toys, clothing, cars … all while supporting their schools.
Promote service or small business…
At any given school there are parents who are also small business owners. My School Swap is a great way to advertise to the families of school age children. Tutors, day care providers, pet sitters, Realtors, music instructors, landscapers, home party consultants…can all benefit from this resources
Free Ads for school and non-profit groups…
Teachers and school volunteers can post Ads that reach beyond their school website to announce events, fundraisers or recruit volunteers. Non-profit groups like Girl Scouts, art guilds and sports leagues can promote events or programs—and it’s always FREE!
Each school has it’s own page…
Each elementary and secondary school in the US has it’s own page which creates smaller, convenient communities—yet Ads also reach a national audience. My School Swap is designed for the school community so it does not include categories like Personal but does include categories like School Events and Community.
How it works…
Go to and choose a school to support when you join. Buy credits securely for $1 each. Post an Ad in any category for 1 credit. 50% of each dollar spent on credits is sent to the school you support. The credit fee is waived for Ads in the School & Non-Profit Notices category so they are free. 
(The other 50% goes to online transaction fees, school payment distribution, website maintenance and marketing as a viable school fundraising program.)
My School Swap, LLC is an approved vendor in Prince William County Schools.
Free Credits to PTO/PTA Parent Group Leaders
My School Swap will give 5 free credits to any PTO/PTA Parent Group leader that contacts us by April 31st, 2012. Try and let your school know about it. This is a $5 value and $2.50 will be donated to your school. Ads for School Notices for PTO/PTA are ALWAYS free, so use your free credits in any other category.
Cathy Shalvey, Co-Founder & President
My School Swap came from an idea I’ve had for many years that combines various aspects of my volunteer work for schools and the community over the years. For example, with a background in graphic design, I have always been on the ‘communications committee’ with schools and local organizations. I’m the one that designs the posters, flyers, newsletters, directories and event programs—which has been boatload of paper and ink!
I asked myself: “What if there was an online network where schools could promote events to the community and the community could reach inside the schools? What if there was a way for school families to buy and sell with each other—locally and conveniently? How could something like this benefit our schools?
My School Swap takes the traditional Classified Ad and creates a way to give back to schools with this useful tool. Millions of people use online advertising websites already, why not direct some of the revenue to our schools?
Contact for more information.