Guest Post: Water Fun with Recyclables

Water Fun with Recyclables
Summer is right around the corner and we all know that kids like to have fun with anything that deals with water play. So, I have been saving some recyclable things around the house for us to come up with fun, creative things we can do and share with others.
We have already had some HOT days so we started a little early. Our first project was baking fun with a syrup bottle and parmesan cheese container. I gave the kids some flour, colored coconut and they added a little water to it. We had a blast, more pictures on my blog.
Our second project was having a tea party with the Gain laundry container. I put the Gain bottle on our deck and my son filled it up the other day and said, “Mom, look it’s a water dispenser.” Wow, the things kids think of! You’ve got to love their imagination.  Next we added some food coloring to the water along with colored ice cubes and the kids had hours of fun. 
These are just a couple fun things we have come up with for water fun for the hot weather. There is more to follow on my blog and Facebook, so stop by to see what else is in store for the Summer! We look forward to sharing our fun days with you.
Catherine is a mom of two, a boy (J) born 6/2008 and a girl (C) born 9/2010. She has always been a crafty person, so she loves crafts with her kids. She started her blog because she wanted to share ideas with other moms. Catherine and her family are always busy exploring places, doing things and just having fun.