Guest Post: Top Holiday Gifts to Teach Your Child a Second Language

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, it’s time to set your sights on your growing holiday shopping list. For this year’s Christmas, why not replace a few toys from your child’s “Santa” list with some of these top five must-try language essentials?

  1. Snap and Pairs Game from Lil’ollo.


When it comes to fun games that reinforce a new language, Lil’Ollo has everything you need. With posters, greeting cards, flashcards in 7 different languages, grabbing some games from their online store is sure to be a hit for all ages.

  1. Make your own TeachSTIX.


I used these innovative reusable fabric stickers to teach my son English sight words and over 100 Chinese characters. You can stick them all over your home and expose your child to written language in a seamless way. I purchased the Make Your Own Version and had my son’s Chinese tutor write characters on them. This helped my son quickly learn dozens of characters as we stuck them on the walls and moved them around the house. Plus, with free shipping on all orders, you can’t resist this gift idea.

  1. Language learning apps with Gus on the Go


If you’re looking for a language app that WILL work, then you have to try Gus on the Go. I bought this app in Arabic and in Chinese for my son and he instantly loved playing and learning with it. Make the most of those iTunes gift cards this year download Gus on the Go in over 15 different languages for just $3.99.

  1. A coin collection from around the world courtesy of Little Passports


How cool would it be to have money from different languages? With Little Passports your child can instantly build a great coin collection! This is a great way to expose your child to other cultures and languages from around the world. Your child will receive 20 coins, a handy nap sack to store them in and a 10-page booklet with fun coin activities and trivia.

  1. Translated Books and the PENpal Audio Recorder Pen from Language Lizard


Stories are a powerful tool to teach a second (or third) language. But, reading to your child in another language can be challenging, if you’re a monolingual parent, like me. But, with the full suite of translated books in the Language Lizard online store, you can easily expand your home library. Plus, with the award-winning PENpal Audio Recorder Pen, your child can instantly hear their favorite stories in over 20 different languages.

Don’t let the holidays go by without trying at least one new language learning game or activity!


Author Bio:

llaceysimmonsLlacey Simmons is proud mom of a trilingual preschooler. When she’s not at her day job, she’s researching the internet to help her son conquer the Chinese and Arabic languages. She runs the informative blog, Our 21st Century Kids to give other monolingual parents the information and strategies they need to raise multilingual children.