Guest Post: Tips to Make Your Morning Routine Easier

Tips to Make Your Morning Routine Easier

– By Eliut Morales

Winter Break is almost over for a lot of families, which means it’s back to our regular morning routine. Sometimes getting your children ready for school in the morning can be an overwhelming task when you’re getting ready for work. With younger kids especially, you may feel extra rushed making sure they’re dressed, their hair is done, and their lunch is packed. We all have those mornings, but here are some tips to help you make your morning routine a little easier!

Get enough sleep. Making sure that you and your family gets enough sleep will prevent oversleeping the next morning and running late. No one likes bed times, but setting them and following them can help your mornings run a little bit smoother.

DSC_0131Prepare lunches the night before. Preparing school meals after dinner the night before can save you a great deal of time in the morning! You can make it a family activity. Allowing your kids to help you with packing their school lunch may even make it more enjoyable for them. At the Community Center, our Snack Attack class teaches children how to make tasty and healthy snacks from simple ingredients at home! This class gives children the chance to experience and develop their own taste in snacks and lunches.

Let your children choose what to wear and do their own hair in the morning. Letting your young children dress themselves probably sounds a little scary, but it’s a great opportunity for them to explore different styles of outfits and hairdos. If you need help teaching your children how to do their hair, we’ve got you covered! Our Hairstyle How-To class teaches children how to style their hair using different accessories. They’ll learn how to do braids, ponytails, buns, and other simple styles! This will help make your mornings easier knowing you don’t have to trail behind your children to make sure they’re ready for school.

Relax. If you’re running around and stressing over getting everyone ready, your kids may also feel stressed and the morning routine will turn into morning chaos. Morning rushes can be stressful, but if you keep yourself calm and collected, you will find that your children will also feel relaxed, making everyone’s morning easy.

Everyone’s morning routines are different, but following these tips and making your own pace will ensure yours runs smoothly! Some of the life classes offered at the Community Center can also help your kids make their routines easier by empowering them to help you. Building these skills now will lead to positive habits in the future!

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