Guest Post: The Best Time of Year to Get Huge Deals on Your Big Purchases

big ways to save all year roundWhen you’re in your twenties spending money on those big-ticket items can be a really tough decision. I mean, how many of us wait until our refrigerator completely dies before forking out for a new one?

The trouble with shopping this way is you’ll probably end up spending quite a bit more on purchases like this than you really need to. You see, there are certain times of year that you’ll find different items are consistently lower in price, and you can take advantage of this if you plan ahead.

Let’s take a closer look at when is the best time to buy:

Buy furniture in January

New furniture models come out in February and again in August, so they go on sale the month before. You’ll find you can get even better bargains on floor stock so don’t be afraid to haggle!

There are often sales on office furniture in the new financial year as retailers are appealing to those launching new ventures.

Buy home theatres and televisions in February

You should be able to find great deals on home theatres and tv’s in pre-Superbowl Sales. They may not be the latest model, but they will be high-resolution to entice those wanting to see the game clearly!

Buy luggage in March

Travel booms in summer, so new luggage lines launch in advance of that. That means last year’s suitcases are going cheap in March.

Buy sneakers in April

For some people, the right sneakers are quite a big investment. Spring sales start popping up because the weather is getting warmer and people are more included to get back out there and exercise.

Buy refrigerators in May

Why May? Well, the new models will be hitting the showroom floor in summer, which means stores need to clear the previous year’s models to make room for them.

Don’t forget to check the energy guide labels. You’re better off spending a little more on an energy-efficient model because it will save you money over time in running costs.

Buy tools in June

In the lead up to Father’s Day, tool sales abound. Rather than just buying for Dad, think about what you need too.

Buy dinnerware in July

It’s the middle of wedding season! And that means home décor and dinnerware are on sale thanks to home décor being a very popular choice for wedding gifts.

Buy patio furniture in August

End of season sales are held from August to October on patio furniture, so make sure you don’t miss out and get in early. You can get great discounts on lines that haven’t sold and that stores don’t want to hold onto until next season.

Buy airfares in September

September is the ideal time to hunt for airfare deals. Buying plane tickets more than two months in advance means savings for your visit home at Christmas.

Buy household appliances in October

In September and October, the latest models of appliances are revealed for a winter release. So, leading up to that, stores are working to clear their older models out.

Buy electronics in November

November and December are the best months for buying electronics because of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day sales – need we say more?

Buy cars in December

The year’s car models are almost a year old at this point so you can make some great savings. The closer you can hold out to the end of the month, the better the deal you will get as salespeople will be trying hard to make more sales before the month ends to boost their commissions.

Those big purchases will always have to be made; there’s no escaping that. But with a little foresight you can make drastic savings on them, so your budget doesn’t have to stretch as far. Whatever you do, make sure you’re buying what you’re actually in the market for. And take a logical shopping buddy with you when you’re making big purchases.

Are you going to need a big-ticket item soon? Do you think this guide will help you save money on that purchase?

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