Guest Post: Switch Up Your Winter Workout

It’s about this
time that I hear many students say , “I’m bored with my workout and don’t
have many options”. Here is some of what I tell them to beat winter
workout boredom and spice up that cardio routine:
-Make a cardio
medley by picking three different cardio machines, or circuits, and workout on
each for 10 minutes or so. This is a great alternative to just getting on the
same machine for a certain length of time.
-Break up your
workout by separating them into segments, each with a different
focus-speed, incline, resistance, steady state, etc. By changing your workout
 every five minutes, you get  variety and,  because you’re
 focusing on just a few minutes at a time, the workout will fly by.
-Try  something  new.! We 
all  have  our 
favorite  machines &
routines  but  winter
is a great time to experiment with something completely different. Challenge
yourself to do something new.  When was
the last time you tried the rowing machine or the stationary bike at the gym?
What about an at home workout?  Moving your  body in  a different way can  rejuvenate  your workouts.
-Try group fitness.  Even 
if  you’re  not into group fitness classes, giving  one  a
try  can 
give  you  new 
enthusiasm  for your
workouts.  Pick up a schedule at your
club and make a deal to try one new class every two weeks. You get a lot of
energy from working out in a  group,  so take advantage of it!
I have to say,
I’ve tried all of these and yet not one is perfect for me.  One day I may feel like taking a class or,in
my case, teach a class. Another day, I may turn on some music and create my own
“cardio medley” at home or at the gym. 
Other times, I may pop in Insanity or Turbo Fire to check working out
off of my to do list.
I challenge you
to try something different over the next two weeks. Be sure to share your
experiences with someone. They may want to give it a try too!   

Adrienne Vose is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor,
dedicated wife & mother of 3. She likes to workout & motivate others to “MOVE IT” and believes that without exercise, people are inhibited from achieving and
maintaining their health goals.  
matter what your fitness goals may be or how hectic life becomes, there
is a way to accomplish those goals. As a trainer, her number one
priority is to create a routine that works towards your needs and gives
you the results that are best for you. “Eat Healthy, Move More &
Stress Less” is her motto and she fully believes this is the KEY to a
healthy lifestyle. 

This guest blog is presented as an opinion.  Health changes should always be discussed with a doctor.