Giveaway/Guest Post: Sweet Frog

Out and About:  Sweet
I’ve seen the Sweet Frog sign from the road while visiting
my favorite Chick-fil-A on Sudley Manor Drive and wondered what kind of
establishment it was.  After seeing that
they are opening another store in Woodbridge (thanks Super NoVa Mommy!) I
decided to check the place out online.
is one of the fastest growing brands of premium, all natural, self-serve yogurt
restaurants.  Our concept is simple:  SweetFrog is a bright, positive,
family-friendly environment where customers can create their dessert, their way
– at a very modest price point…….
was founded on the principles of Christianity and our belief in bringing
happiness and a positive attitude into the lives of our consumers.  At SweetFrog, F.R.O.G stands for Fully Rely
on God – and we hope to be an example of that in every community.
After reading this, I knew I definitely
had to check this place out in person!
The restaurant opens at 11:30am so I figured we would get
there right when they opened.  I was
surprised to see people inside and some were even outside already eating their
frozen yogurt!  The outside of the store
is inviting and has tables and chairs (behind the bushes) for patrons to enjoy
their frozen treats. 
The Goods!  
Notice the hat she wore from home!
As we entered the restaurant, we were hit with the colorful,
clean and bright atmosphere mentioned on their website plus those adorable
green frogs!  The self-serve frozen
yogurt machines line the side wall in the back of the store .  There are over 10 flavors to choose from–all
of which are clearly labeled with the flavors and nutritional information!  I thought it would be a little over whelming
for a three year old to pick her favorite (it would’ve been for me if they
didn’t have my absolute favorite—coconut!), but she made her decision rather
quickly.  They do have taste test cups if
you are having trouble making up your mind. 
Brace yourself for the toppings bar! 
You pick out the size cup you want and fill it up as much as
you want with your chosen flavor(s).  We
got three of the smaller cups with the intentions of eating some in the store
and taking the rest home.  (Yes, we were
good and took some home!)  After filling
up our cups, we headed to the toppings bar. 
Wow!  I thought the frozen
yogurt  choices were overwhelming!  There are at least 40 different toppings plus
a variety of sauces you can add to your frozen yogurt.  Be warned! 
You pay by weight, so be careful as the weight of those toppings adds up
fast!  My daughter had seen pictures
online of the restaurant and thankfully knew ahead of time that she wanted mini
They weigh your cups up front and then you pay
$0.42/ounce.  (They do take credit
cards.) Our three cups came to about $7.00. 
Not bad considering the price of ice cream treats at other places.  We also got a customer appreciation card
(which I saw by the register and had to ask for) which you earn one free frozen
yogurt after purchasing ten.  We are about
a third of the way there!
Time to dig in!  My
daughter got strawberry frozen yogurt. 
It was so fresh and it appears to have real strawberries in it.  I got the sugar free vanilla for my 14 month
old.  I was a bit more exotic with the
coconut frozen yogurt with slivered almonds and mini chocolate chips.  Everyone enjoyed our treat!  It was hard to stop, but we did knowing we
would have some more later!
They have a single bathroom (which is nice for taking both
girls and a stroller in!) for boys and one for girls.  The boy and girl frog adorn the appropriate
door.  The bathroom was clean and
colorful.  (Remember bathrooms are a pet
peeve of mine!)
My only complaint was that they don’t have bags or carriers
for the frozen yogurt.  They do have
tops, so at least I could stack the containers up and carry them out to the
All in all, our trip to Sweet Frog made for a fun, little
morning outing.  We will definitely go
back again and we might even bring Daddy with us. 😉
Even Horton had fun! 
(He joins us on many of our adventures as you will learn!)
and inviting
frozen yogurt
high chairs
bags or carriers if you have leftovers or get it to go.
of choices could be overwhelming for younger children.
Angela Pounders is a transplant to Manassas Park from Arlington.  She is blessed to be a stay at home mama to two beautiful girls.  As a former teacher (as well as preschool director and Children and Family Director), she is always on the look out for fun, easy and educational things to do with her girls.  She also loves to share her ideas and is looking to start her own blog, Master’s Daughter, by the fall.

Thanks to Angela for her awesome guest post on Sweet Frog!! We liked it so much we went to check it out ourselves, and the great team over at Sweet Frog Manassas is offering one lucky PwcMoms reader a $20 gift card to come out and treat their family!  Winner must pick up and redeem their gift card at the Sweet Frog Manassas store.  No purchase is necessary to win, PwcMoms was not compensated for this post, winner assumes all liability…you know the drill 🙂 

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