Guest Post: Suriving Disney World With Young Children

Surviving Disney World with Young Children
When are we going to
  As soon as your child asks
you that question, you start asking yourself different questions. How stressful
will it be? What age is the right age? What’s it really like to be
there with young kids?
The thought of taking young children to Disney can be overwhelming.
You have visions of a perfect magical experience, but you can also see
overtired, over stimulated, tantrum throwing kids. The age group most parents
seem concerned with are preschoolers.  The
good news is that with a little planning and the right perspective, you can have
that magical trip you dreamed about.
Should I wait until my
kids will remember?
I often hear people say that they want to wait to do Disney World
until their kids are old enough to remember the trip.  Disney for some is a once in a lifetime vacation
and you want to feel you’re getting your money’s worth.  However, there is magic in taking young kids
that can’t be replicated later. For a preschooler, that really is Cinderella just waiting for a hug and Mickey Mouse
really has come out just to
see them today.  The magic of Disney is
never lost on a young child.

does Disney help young families?
The rides and attractions are well
suited for little ones and families. The majority of rides in the parks can be
experienced by the entire family together.  With most of the height requirements set at
40″ (and a few at 44″-48″), the average 7-8 year old can ride
nearly all of the rides.  Many 3-4 year
olds can even ride some of the “thrill rides”.
Child swap is available at all
rides with a height restriction. This allows families with a child that is too
small to ride without waiting in a long line twice.
FastPass+ allows you to come back
to a ride later and wait in a much shorter line. These passes, along with a
good touring strategy, can minimize time spent waiting in line.
From young kids to teenagers to
parents and grandparents, the entire family can have a magical time together.
Baby care centers are available in
all parks, providing a quiet, air conditioned place to take a break, feed, or
change a baby or small child.
Each park has several play areas
designed for younger children.
Live Shows showcasing their
favorite Disney Characters are a big hit. 
Disney Junior Live on Stage is a can’t miss attraction in Disney’s
Hollywood Studios. These shows offer guests an air conditioned venue to get off
their feet.
Long park hours and convenient
transportation to onsite resorts make it easy to take a mid-day break back at
the resort for naps or dips in the pool.
Full immersion of Disney entertainment,
including all your kids favorite characters. There’s nothing better than your
daughter meeting her favorite princess or your son challenging Darth Vader to a
light saber duel.
are the Challenges?
As much as we all want everything to be “happily ever after,”
there can be some challenges in a trip to Disney with young kids. One of the
most important tips I can give is to manage your expectations. Remember, you
won’t see and do everything, and that’s OK. Pay attention to your kids’ cues,
and if they’re not enjoying themselves anymore, take a break. It’s more
important to enjoy the things you do than to try to force everyone to do
If you are waiting until your
preschooler is older to enjoy Disney, think again! Your preschooler will be enchanted
just by the experience of being at Disney. From characters, parades,
attractions and shows designed with them in mind, their days will be full of Disney

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