Guest Post: Slash Your Utility Costs

In the state of Virginia, electricity and gas are deregulated, giving
residents the ability to choose an electricity or gas supplier that best meets the needs
of their home or business. It’s called the Energy Choice Program.

Competitive suppliers may offer lower prices, innovative services, or environmentally
friendly electricity and gas options. Additionally, your primary service provider will
continue to deliver the electricity and gas to you and provide you with a monthly
If you do not choose a competitive service provider, your primary power and gas
providers will continue to supply and deliver electricity and gas to you at rates set by
the Virginia State Corporation Commission. You will still have the option to choose a
competitive supplier at a later date.
Traditionally, utility rates fluctuate from season to season. For instance, gas rates are
higher in the winter versus the summer. My primary gas provider charged me a rate
of $0.99 per unit of gas at the height of winter in December over a year ago. I used 63
units of gas that month. This past winter, after enrolling with a competitive gas
supplier, my rate was fixed at $0.65 per unit of gas, remaining the same no matter
what time of the year it was. If I had enrolled a year earlier, I would’ve saved over
$20 just that one month.
Because rates are competitive, you most likely will save money by participating in the
program. But this is solely based on the prices offered by the suppliers. You will be
able to compare prices and services and choose what is best for you. In order to
enroll in the Virginia Energy Choice program, and choose a competitive supplier, you
must contact your supplier of choice. A list of approved electricity and gas suppliers
can be found at
The next time you get your power or gas bill, read over it. Your state may be an
Energy Choice state, giving you the option to choose your own supplier, and 

saving your family money.

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