Guest Post: School’s Out! Now What?

School’s Out! Now What? – by Eliut Morales

20180628_124525School is officially off session. If you have teens at home during summer, then you probably already know that arranging play dates and going to the playground are not in their interest anymore. Instead, they want to be more involved with their friends, go to new places, and try new things. It can be a little scary leaving your children alone at home unsupervised, but there are a few tips to consider when doing so.

If you’re leaving your teens at home during the day, establish check-in times. Your children may not like the idea of having to check in often at first, so be sure to explain to them the importance of it. If there are times that you aren’t available, give them contact information for another family member or a close friend. The more relatives that know where your children are, the better!

Your teens won’t always be at home while you’re gone. Summer is a time for them to make plans with friends and go to the mall, movies, or concerts. There will almost always be somewhere they want to be. Every family has different rules in place and it’s important that your teens know what rules apply even when they’re not at home. Parents can’t always be with their children, so the best you can do is remind them to be respectful of other people and places.

When it comes to friends and experiences, parents don’t always get to choose. Your children’s teenage years are for them to discover who they are and what they like. Be sure to give them the liberty of choosing their friends and activities. It may be difficult not knowing who your children are with, but put yourself in their shoes and remember what it was like to have parents hover over your friendships when you were young!

Whether they’re at home or out having fun, knowing that your children are safe is crucial. At the Manassas Park Community Center, our Teen Center is the perfect place for teens to meet new friends and create lasting memories in a safe space. From video game tournaments and sports to hiking trips and skill courses, there is plenty to do!

Registration for teen summer camps has begun! Each week brings a new camp that will teach your teens new skills and take them to new places. For all teen camps and schedules, click here.

We look forward to helping your teens have a safe and exciting summer!

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