Guest Post: Pregnancy Style


Fashionably pregnant? No, that’s not an oxymoron! Admittedly, as I sit here 39 weeks pregnant, I don’t feel at my most fashionable.  But nine months of preparing to bring a tiny human into the world does not mean nine months of muumuus and oversized men’s t-shirts, especially with the options available today! With that said, here are my top five fashion tips for moms-to-be:

Buy One Fabulous Piece That Makes You Feel Great
One of my friends bought a fabulous cobalt blue dress (this color has been hot ever since Kate Middleton showcased it in her engagement photos!) She loved how the dress fit and flattered her mom-to-be figure.  On those days when you’re not feeling your best, a feel-good piece like this becomes more than an article of clothing – it becomes a little cloth pep talk for your soul! And it’s OK if you spend some money on this one fabulous piece – if you’re going to wear it, say, every other week, for six months, your “cost per wear” is going to be very low!

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Tummy Sleeves Are Your Friend!
Also known as “belly bands,” these are a pregnancy wardrobe essential and are available at Motherhood Maternity.  Among other things, they allow you to wear your regular pants (remember those?!) longer, as you can simply leave your pants unbuttoned and use the tummy sleeve to comfortably keep your pants in place.  Additionally, tummy sleeves may be used under a shirt to conceal the ubiquitous “out-y” pregnancy belly button if you’re wearing something more form-fitting. 

Layer, Layer, Layer
Stereotypes can be based on reality, and the one about pregnant women having fluctuations in body temperature is no exception! Thus, dressing in layers is crucial for comfort, and let’s face it, when done right, layers are quite trendy, too! A short sleeve or sleeveless top + a cardigan paired with dress pants, jeans or leggings, depending on the occasion, works extremely well.  One tip:  non-maternity wrap cardigans can work even when you’re pregnant since they’re flow-y by nature – I love the “cozi” wrap sweater from DKNY!

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Feet First
Feet can swell when you’re pregnant, so you may find that you have to purchase a few pairs of shoes in a slightly larger size during this time.  Another idea:  purchase thin socks made of a wicking material to give your feet extra space in your existing shoes (and to absorb the sweat when those “pregnancy hot flashes” hit!) Under Armour Factory House is a great resource for this type of sock.

The one-size-fits-all fashion essential? Accessories! When you’re pregnant and yearning to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe, treat yourself to a fabulous handbag or a piece of statement jewelry.  A handbag from Coach Factory or Michael Kors Outlet will look great on you whether you’re pregnant or not, and a fun piece of costume jewelry can be worn before and after baby.  In fact, sporting an eye-catching accessory may even lead to folks commenting on this rather than your baby bump when they first see you!

Caroline Barry Green is the Director of Marketing at Potomac Mills, the mother of a toddler and at the time of this post, 39 weeks pregnant.  All stores listed in italics are located at Potomac Mills.  As a special perk to PWC Moms readers, show this post at Guest Services at Potomac Mills to receive a free coupon book through May 31!