Guest Post: Nerd Block Jr Boys/Girls Review

Rhubarb & blackberry here again with another review of child-oriented subscription boxes. today we have nerd block jr!  Nerd block jr has both a boy’s and a girl’s version and we were lucky enough to get one of each to review for you.  we’ll do them side by side so you can compare what is in each one.

month-to-month: $13.99/month + $6 shipping
3 month sub: $12.59/month + $6 shipping
6 month sub: $11.89/month + $6 shipping
12 month sub: $11.19/month + $6 shipping
what you get
geeky toys for kids aged 6-11

here are the two boxes side by side.  the toys included in the boy’s box will be listed on the right and the girl’s box will be listed on the left.

Adventure Time Mad Libs – $3.25

we remember mad libs from when we were young – and they’re still just as funny.  a great thing to share with your children!

The Quest for the Diamond Sword Novel – $6.41

this is a really nice chapter book and minecraft is popular with kids right now.

Frozen Reusable Sandwich + Snack Bag – $6.99

who doesn’t know about frozen?  and we can’t think of any young girls who don’t like it.  great for school lunches!

Justice League On-The-Go Bottle – $6.49

this particular type of water bottle is very popular right now.  the graphics on this one are really bright and fun!

Hello Kitty Monsters Collection Zombie – $5.99

hello kitty is super cute as a monster – which one will you get?  she can hang out on your child’s bookbag or lunchbox.

Tech Deck Star Wars Yoda – $12.00

these tech deck toys have been around for a long time and are still very popular.  with the return of a new star wars movie – these are right on trend.

Sonic The Hedgehog Collector’s Edition Bouncy Ball – $11.23

all kids love bouncy balls and this one is supposed to be super bouncy!  

Sick Bricks Set w/Smokey Burns & Gus Groucho – $3.99

this is a new video game type toy – you have to scan the package and then you can play online.  

The Monster Factory 5″ Plush Colin – $8.98

we’ve never heard of the monster factory, but chances are, the nearest 8 year old has.  this plush freaks us out a little.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Magnet – $2.09

not sure how popular a magnet will be with kids, but you could hang their artwork on the fridge with it.

Girl’s Box Value – $36.44

Boy’s Box Value – $30.98

the value is there for both boxes and they contain items that are fun for their target audience of 6-11 year olds.  if you think that your children would enjoy a subscription – just click here!  use promo code “continue” to save 25% off your first box~
Author Bio: Rhubarb has lived in Prince William County for almost 16 years and is the mom to three wonderful young men. She is a sometime author and is active in her church. To relax she enjoys finding seashells on the beach and snorkeling for them in the ocean. Her new website and blog Rhubarb&Blackberry: Musings of a Landlocked Mermaid is a work in progress and is more fun than she could have imagined. Her current obsession is subscription boxes (beauty, food, home & lifestyle) and she hopes to launch her own branded items sometime this year.