Guest Post: How Do I Get My Child to Eat Healthy?

Earlier this summer, I asked you for your fitness/health/nutrition related questions for Max Muscle Owner Corry Matthews to respond to.  Here’s the first one- it’s actually a few questions in one! Thanks, Corry! 

Your nutrition is the
key to your child’s.

What’s the single best way to change your child’s dietary
habits – look at what you (as the parent) eat! 
With school starting parents always ask “How do I get my child to eat a
healthy breakfast?”  and “How do I ensure
they are eating the right stuff for lunch and/or dinner?”
Here is the same question phrased a little differently “How
do I get my children to stop eating junk”, “How do I get my kids to eat
In today’s society eating “balanced” can be really hard with
commuting, long hours and after school activities.  The truth is – it starts and ends with the
parents!  You are your child’s primary
role model and your children look to you for what to eat.  Think about your breakfast today…did you have
one?  Was it coffee?  What did your children see you eat before you
tackled the day?  How about you dinner
last night – did you eat all your vegetables? 
Did you make sure everyone had
a serving?
Setting goals as a family is key to getting everyone to eat
better!  Here are a few simple tips that
will help…
  • ·      
    Eat within 30 minutes of waking up
  • ·      
    Get at least 3 solid meals per day – start of
    the day, mid-day and end of the day
  • ·      
    Add a protein to every carbohydrate (yep, even
    breakfast & snacks)
  • ·      
    Think COLOR for every meal – what veggies or
    fruits can you add into your meal? 
    Remember, moms and dads you have to eat it too!
  • ·      
    Don’t drink your calories – this goes for
    everyone in the family – only exception should be milk for those under 2 or

Small meal ideas:
  • ·      
    Half a whole-wheat bagel with almond butter or
  • ·      
    Yogurt shake made with vanilla yogurt, banana
    and orange juice
  • ·      
    Hard-boiled egg sliced with whole grain toast or
    bowl of low sugar ceral
  • ·      
    Small bran muffin (homemade or one you trust to
    be wholesome) with nut or seed butter
  • ·      
    Almond butter on cinnamon-raisin toast
  • ·      
    Half a turkey sandwich in pita bread with sliced
    tomato and sprouts
  • ·      
    Small bowl of low-fat granola topped with half a
    banana and a dollop of yogurt
  • ·      
    Open-faced broiled low-fat cheese on whole-wheat
  • ·      
    Breakfast food can be served anytime of the day
    AND, you don’t have to serve breakfast foods at breakfast
This post is brought to you by Corry Matthews, owner of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Manassas and Springfield.  Corry is a mother of 2, author, and certified nutrition expert with a speciality in pregnancy-related nutrition. You can reach her at: 
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