Guest Post: Grab the Kids and Go Make Some Summer Memories

Grab the Kids and Go Make Some Summer Memories
Summer is almost here. The kids have less than 1 week left
and then the 5am morning alarm clocks get turned off. I just realized that this
is the final summer I will have with my eldest. Next summer we will be getting
ready to send him off to college. Years ago I ran a marketing campaign that we
only have 18 summers with our kids so we should make the most of it. Now I am
having to live that reality myself.
I have two very busy teenage boys who have already filled
our summer calendar up with camps, activities and a vacation with extended family.
I would like to say we
can slow down during the summer months but my calendar says otherwise. But we
still try to have dinner together every night. Every Tuesday night we head to a
local restaurant for $5 burgers and fries. That is a better deal than some fast
food chains. It is just so nice to slow down and spend time with each other. We
all have to put our phones in a stack in the middle of the table. Whoever
reaches for their phone first has to pay for dessert. Try this game the next
time you are out to dinner with teenagers. Trust me they love their allowance
money more than checking their latest text.  

are so many great museums and activities in and around the metro DC area that
cost little or no money. I encourage you to pick a few and enjoy with your
family. As a family we like to try new activities together. From an early age
we have included our kids in the planning of summer activities. We ask each
family member to write down 3 summer activities they would like to enjoy
together. Then we put them on our calendars and make them a priority. The
activity must be local or a day trip and everyone must participate. So yes Mom
has had to go fishing and my boys have gone to a cooking class. We have had
lots of fun and made so many memories.

is a small list of some of our favorites over the years:
  • Visit
    the Smithsonian
  • Mini
  • Make
    Homemade Ice Cream
  • Cooking
  • Photography
    Scavenger Hunt
  • Nationals
    Baseball Game
  • Drive
    In Movie
  • Hike
    in Shenandoah National Park
  • Paddle
  • Water
    Mine Water Park
  • National
  • Fishing
  • Shakespeare
    in the Park
  • Navy
    Band Concert
  • Old
    Town Alexandria Walking Tour
  • Make
    and Fly a Kite
  • Nighttime
    ride to view DC Monuments
  • Paint
    a picture
  • Pizza
    at the Pool

to make the most out of the time spent with your kids this summer.  Relax and don’t over schedule. Let them sleep
in till noon. Serve them ice cream sundaes for dinner. Throw water balloons
when they jump off that final school bus ride. Build a fort in the family room.
Pitch a tent in the back yard and sleep under the stars. Whatever you decide to
do as a family make sure to take lots of pictures because childhood summers go
by way too fast.
Patricia Mickus lives in Bristow, Virginia
with her family. She is a Co-Owner of Simple Luxuries Travel. Follow her Facebook page for more great memories with your children.