Guest Post: Finding Time for Mama Workouts

There simply isn’t enough time! Raising tiny humans is a full time job, and we mamas put our entire heart and soul into the task. It doesn’t matter if you are in the stage of changing diapers and chasing toddlers or sitting for homework and being the best free uber driver in town, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. Enough time for YOU!

It is well known that we need to care for ourselves to be the best mamas out there. You know, put on your oxygen mask first and all. But in reality THIS IS HARD! One way to make caring for YOU possible is by incorporating exercise into what you are already doing. Here are just a few ideas to get you moving within your day.

1 – The Playground Workout: With spring temperature right around the corner (or did they actually ever leave this winter) time on the playground is coming soon! For some, the playground is still a busy time when you are following your toddler around or even climbing the equipment to ensure safety – in which case – you are getting movement. So take it up a notch – add in a few squats while you are waiting for your kiddo, or even ten jumping jacks. Jump up the stairs, or try the monkey bars. However, for some, the playground becomes a sacred time where you can chat on the bench with other moms, soak in the sun, all while keeping a watchful eye on your babes. GET UP! Go PLAY! Use the time to care for YOU! The equipment at a playground can all be used for some sort of exercise from basic to advanced. You can get your cardio in by doing toe taps or step ups on a piece of wood, bench, or border of the area. Knock out some pushups on the ground or bench. Use your body weight for some lunges and squats. And attempt a pull-up (okay, so most of us can’t do a pull up but try!). It’s a mindshift to utilizing the time for YOU not just getting the kiddos wiggles out.

2 – Around the House: It may seem silly, but throughout the day you can incorporate short intervals of exercise within your home. Just as few as ten minutes at a time, several times a day, does have benefits to your overall health. Before shower workouts are one of my favorites. Take a simple routine like 10 burpees, 10 air squats, 10 lunges, 10 calf raises, 10 pushups, 10 crunches and repeat for 10 minutes. You’ll get your heart rate up, work your muscles, and then can hop in the shower to be clean for the day. Do you have stairs in your house? How about seeing how many flights you can do in five minutes and challenge yourself to increase that number. Once that 5 minutes is up, hold a plank on the floor and see how long you can hold with good form. Work on increasing that number. Do you do laundry? Instead of hinging at the hips to get stuff from the dryer do a deep squat with proper form to work your legs. You can even add a hop at the top for a bit more! The possibilities are endless but again, it’s a mindshift. Incorporating movement throughout the day does have benefits if finding devoted time for a full blown workout can’t happen regularly.

3 – Let Your Kid Coach: Okay, so this may sound crazy but I guarantee you will get an amazing workout and most kids absolutely love it. The first time I did this I put my strong willed 7 year old in charge. I gave her the stopwatch function on my phone and a list of exercises (about 20 different things ranging from shadow boxing to crunches, high knees to dumbbell arm curls). Her job was to pick the exercise and time me for 45 seconds for each one. Let me know time was up, pick the next, and keep it going. We did this for 30 minutes. She LOVED being my coach (aka bossing me around) and I got an incredible workout.

The possibilities are endless for ways to incorporate exercise into a busy day as a mama, but sometimes we just don’t have the motivation to ensure this happens. That’s where Home Turf Fitness, LLC comes in. We bring the workout to YOU and your friends. All you have to do is show up, ready to work. This can be for an hour right after the kids get on the bus in your basement or neighborhood. Or perhaps you take little ones to preschool and there is a group of moms who want to stick around for an hour and just get it done! Does your kid have sports practice a few times a week that you end up sitting around for? Have us come and lead a workout for you and a small group right in the parking lot or the sideline of the field. Again, the possibilities are endless and we can go most anywhere. Having small groups keeps the cost affordable and helps build a community of encouragement and accountability. Our first introductory workout is FREE for you and up to 9 of your friends!


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