Guest Post: Fields of Fear at Cox Farms

(As I mentioned to you guys on Facebook, I HATE being scared, but I get lots of questions about Fields of Fear, so I outsourced to a teenaged friend of our family, Mr. Andrew Suess.  Thanks Andrew!)


                          Fear-not the Farm:My Experience with Fields of Fear
Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Fields of Fear event at Cox Farms with my father. Upon viewing the size of the ticket line, I knew I was in for a unique treat. Our adventure began with the “Cornightmare” corn-maze, followed by the “Darkside Hayride,” and finally concluded with “The Forest.” Before even reaching the main events, we took notice of the farm’s ominous, yet kid-friendly, evening atmosphere complete with costumed employees, bonfires, and food vendors posted all around. As someone who is very hard to scare, I was surprised to find myself startled and frightened a few times throughout the evening.
From the very start of Cornightmare, the participants are skillfully disoriented by the very first thing they see, leaving them almost unprepared for what the staff has planned in the rest of the maze. To clarify, this maze isn’t a traditional maze considering that it only directs the audience along the path of the scares. However, the scares come in great numbers as there are countless costumed employees waiting to catch you when you least expect it as well as generally creepy objects and areas placed within the maze.
When we got to the Darkside Hayride, I was a bit confused due to how slow the ride was initially but that just added to the suspense. Bright lights could be seen highlighting a sign for “The Lost Circus” only a few moments later. The rest of the ride had a great contrast between light and darkness which assisted in either hiding or openly displaying the costumed staff. The ride had a lot to offer, maintaining the circus theme while also getting really close to the audience on the ride. There were so many creative sequences with clever mechanics that made the ride scarier, eerier, and even funny at times. Beware the clown room!
After the other two enjoyable activities, I was looking forward to seeing the final event of the evening. The Forest had a very similar set-up as the corn-maze focusing mostly on jump-scares, creepy costumes, and creatively decorated scenes. However, The Forest had an additional quality that allowed it to stand out a little more. It was a dark, claustrophobic sea of trees that differed from the other atmospheres, with the buildings designed to look more like cabins or rest-areas in the middle of the woods. Some of the scares and the mysterious settings emitted a slightly elevated sense of realism making it, in my opinion, the best attraction to conclude the evening.
As a whole, Fields of Fear was very well-done with some very creative and creepy moments set throughout the farms. I found myself enjoying it even more than I was expecting and I was very impressed with many of the elements introduced throughout the whole event. The sheer amount of employees and the styles and sizes of these main attractions have a lot to offer. Along with the three main attractions, a giant slide and plenty of food make this a very worthwhile experience.