Guest Post: Can You Fit Cake into Your Diet?

jeanie-de-klerk-jvdzBSV082s-unsplashYou’re at your favorite café and have been eyeing that slice of red velvet cake with sweet cream cheese filling. While your eyes and stomach are begging you to get it, your brain says otherwise. There are hundreds of diets out there that specifically exclude all of our favorite foods. While it’s true that healthy eating is crucial to weight loss and healthy lifestyles, completely cutting out foods like chips, sweets, and, of course, cake can sometimes derail you from achieving your fitness goals – but how?

Weight loss and dieting have always been hot topics. While some diets work wonders for some, others may not. It’s difficult to know for sure just which diet or program works best for you until you try it. Chances are you’ll find one where sweet and fattening food are left out of your daily diet. If there’s one thing many of us know about diets, it’s that leaving out all the “fun” food is easier said than done. However, you may find that doing so leaves you with more cravings, and suddenly the start of a diet becomes the end of it.

While junk food cravings are a big hurdle to eating healthy, it’s important to know that it’s not always about how healthy you eat, but how well you balance those cravings. Perhaps the biggest part about creating a diet plan that works for you is understanding your individual needs and knowing how to control the amount of food you have each day. You may not be able to enjoy a burger, fries, and soda during lunch each day, but rest assured that having a cheat day is just fine! You may find that enjoying the occasional slice of cake every now and then will make it easier for you to stick to your plan.

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Can You Fit Cake into Your Diet? – by Eliut Morales

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Photo comment: Photo by Jeanie de Klerk on Unsplash