Guest Post: BumbleABC

Thanks to Katrina for sharing about BumbleABC with us! If you’d like to guest post, just shoot me an email! 
BumbleABC is a wonderful little place inside of Engineering for Kids located in Lake
Ridge, Virginia. Bumble ABC offers workshops, classes, and programs for infants

year olds. They also offer field trips and birthday parties.
BumbleABC was founded and created by two local moms, 
Lisa Dillard and Dori Roberts. How cool is that?!
went and checked out their Open Play for the first time the other day. I’m not sure what I was expecting going in, I mean I knew it
would be good, but this place is so awesome. My kids are still talking about it
days later!
you first walk into the building there is a waiting area and a customer service
desk! Off to the side is a little spot for coffee, tea, and water.
once you get your kiddos name tags and get all squared away with the awesome
people at the desk, you can go into the play area.
the play area! There are HUGE foam blocks for building, a Lego wall, an area
with magnaforms, potato heads, etc., a wind tunnel, a car track, a room for
infants (a ROOM for INFANTS y’all!), and
oh so much more.
kids had so much fun. They painted, they ran, they jumped, they used their
little noggins, and got all that built up energy out!
things that stuck out to me the most were how KIND and ACCEPTING the employees
were of all the children, and the layout. I love that I can see my children
pretty much wherever they went.
from the 2 year old “I loved crawling through the tunnel!”
can check out there upcoming Open Plays ( and other programs) HERE. (Link for
that is
you enjoy them as much as we did!
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boys, and wife to her high school sweetheart. She is passionate about her
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