Guest Post: Are Health Foods Hurting You?

a fitness professional, it is my goal to help others learn how to live a
healthy lifestyle. By doing so, I like to lead by example &
practice what I preach. With one living such a healty lifestyle,  you
might assume that they are healthy, with no issues what so ever, right?

recently discovered that the fruits and veggies I thought were good for
me are actually hurting me. Who knew that my love for broccoli, beans,
apples and brussel sprouts (yes even those) could make me so sick? I
thought these types of foods were essential for living a healthy
lifestyle. While for some people, this may be true but not for me. 
an interesting discussion with my GI doctor, she handed me a paper
which listed foods I should eliminate. Of course listed was the “normal”
stuff like high fructose corn syrup , dairy, certain sweeteners etc
….all things I avoid anyway. But then in other catagories I noticed
all of my yummy veggies, fruits and beans!! YIKES!
I’m not getting it. Why in the world shouldn’t I eat an apple ? It
contains fiber, phytonutrients, vitamins & minerals.
I realized I had been consuming a high “FODMOPs” ( FermentableOligo-Di-Mono-saccharides and Polyols ) diet. FODMAPs are carbohydrates that are found in foods. 
I need to limit daily intake of anything containing Lactose,
Fructose, Fructans, Galactans, Sugar alcohols (polyols), otherwise I’d
keep having severe GI issues. Some of my favorite fruits and veggies contain these types of carbohydrates which can make me sick in the gut. Moving forward, I will try this approach and see if it has any impact on my body. My
hope for you all is that you will listen to your body and know that
just because products are supposedly healthy, they may not be good for
For more information regarding FODMAP, please check out these sources:

Adrienne Vose is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor,
dedicated wife & mother of 3. She likes to workout & motivate others to “MOVE IT” and believes that without exercise, people are inhibited from achieving and
maintaining their health goals.  
matter what your fitness goals may be or how hectic life becomes, there
is a way to accomplish those goals. As a trainer, her number one
priority is to create a routine that works towards your needs and gives
you the results that are best for you. “Eat Healthy, Move More &
Stress Less” is her motto and she fully believes this is the KEY to a
healthy lifestyle. 

This guest blog is presented as an opinion.  Health changes should always be discussed with a doctor.