Guest Post: Are Art Classes Beneficial for Children?

by Eliut Morales

With summer vacation quickly approaching, you may be looking for ways your children can enjoy their summer while learning something new.

In recent years, thousands of art classes and programs have received major cuts in funding, and many have been permanently removed from curriculums.

Children and art go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. From a young age, they learn every day from their environment, and it’s important for parents to make sure they learn skills to help them later in life. Here are some ways children can benefit from art programs:

DSC_1471(1)Improving motor skills. Motor skills allow children to perform basic movements like crawling, jumping, and running. Holding a paintbrush, pencil, or even a spoon may seem like nothing for us, but at some point in our life we had to learn these basic skills! Through repetition and practice, classes like painting and sculpting can help your child improve basic hand coordination.

Staying determined and focused. If your child struggles with focusing in school, an art class could help them develop a focused mindset. Art takes a lot of patience, trial, and error. Focus and determination can not only help your child in school – it will also help them when they are in a job that challenges them. By learning to master the art of staying focused and not giving up, school and work projects will be less tasking.

Creativity. Whether your child wants to learn to paint, draw, or play music, a class that helps them expand their creativity can really go a long way. Giving your child access to programs that help expand their creativity is bound to make you both happy.

At the Manassas Park Community Center, we understand the importance of creative play and skill development, which is why we have created a number of art programs to help children along the way. From crafts classes to our brand new painting classes, we are excited to be a part of your child’s exposure to the world of art!


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