Guest Post: Animal Shelter Children’s Farm

Thanks to Sharon for the info on the Prince William County Animal Shelter Children’s Farm!
My kids are crazy about animals.  We are always looking for something to do
that involves our four-legged friends. 
Today we ventured out to the Prince William County Animal Shelter
Children’s Farm.  If you are interested
in taking your wee ones to this free exhibit, here are a few things you should
know before you go.
First of all, it’s free. 
Pretty cool, right?  The only
requisite is that you call beforehand to make sure there is someone available
to let you in.  Even though the website
says they are only open on Thursdays, they will accommodate visitors provided
they are adequately staffed.  The staff
also recommends that you use discretion if it is raining.  This is a real barnyard with real dirt and
your children can get really dirty if it is wet.  Heads up.
We arrived to the Animal Shelter parking lot and walked
through the main entrance into the shelter building.  We asked at the main desk if we could be
escorted back to the Children’s Farm and we were soon paired with a kind, young
employee who walked us to the back and unlocked the gates.  As soon as the gates were unlocked, the fun
began.  Two very friendly, very zealous
potbelly pigs greeted us immediately: one named Chunk and the other Tootsie. We
took a chance and brought a big bag of carrots in case they would let us feed
the animals, and as it turns out, visitors are welcome to feed carrots and
apples.  And, WOW, were we popular!  My children were able to feed carrots to the
pigs, the white pony, all of the goats and the cow in the yard.  The animals were clean and well-groomed.  They appeared happy and well taken care of.
Our visit concluded when all of the carrots were eaten (a
few may have been consumed by the humans in our group…) and the children had
laughed themselves silly at all of the animal antics in the barnyard.  We stayed for about 20 minutes.
Bottom Line: Call ahead, dress for mud, bring treats, and
have fun.
Address and Phone Number:
Bristow Road
VA 20112
Hours of Operation:
Sharon Kieffer Steele is a homeschooling mother of 5 who resides in Prince William County.  She is a freelance writer who occasionally blogs