Guest Post: $5 and 5 Minutes Towards Energy Efficiency

$5 and 5 Minutes For Energy Efficiency
By Kate Haldeman

Do you spend an inordinate amount of time watching the DIY network and other shows involving home maintenance because 1)  It will save money and 2) The hubby never seems to get around to doing it, or if he does, he leaves it half-finished?  If so, you have probably also faced the daunting question of ‘Where to Begin’?  This blog is all about empowering women to take care of the necessary home and garden maintenance items to save money and keep their families safe and healthy at the same time.

Since it is the middle of winter, undoubtedly little gusts of wind are finding its way into your home, robbing you of hard-earned dollars. Chances are that these gusts are coming from uninsulated outlets and light switches on the outside walls of your home. Luckily, there is a quick, easy, and cheap solution – Electrical Outlet Sealers. These fire retardant, plastic foam sealers stop the gusts of cold air from coming into your home and, best of all, the only thing you need for installation is a flat head screwdriver.

Electrical Outlet Sealers

1. Turn the electrical power off by way of the main breaker.
2. Unscrew your electrical outlet cover using a flat head screwdriver..
3. Place the insulator around the fixture.
4. Screw your outlet cover back on.

5. Turn your electricity back on.
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Kate Haldeman, a seasoned marketing veteran with 10 years of consumer & online marketing experience, holds a Masters in Business Administration. In her role as Marketing Mgr. for My Plumber Heating & Cooling, she keeps abreast of the latest home maintenance tips & tricks.