Guest Post: 3 Steps to Implementing Organization & Support In Your Kids Sports Life in 2019

As busy moms we know the feeling all too well of having a ton of things to do and not enough time.  Add organized sports to the mix, and our lives turn into “organized” chaos!

We all serve a multitude of roles on a daily basis, from chauffeur to chef to cheerleader and guidance counselor to personal assistant and far too many of us don’t have an adequate support system in place to really provide a lending hand when we need it the most.

Enter Sideline SOS, The World’s First Community-Based Ridesharing App for Youth Sports and our answer to saving time and money while getting the support we need in supporting our athletes on a daily basis.

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Sideline SOS will be the flagship resource offered on the Sideline Society platform and will help solve this massive problem.  The main purpose of the app is to help busy youth sports parents plan and organize the transportation scheduling supporting their athletes one season at a time, using trusted community members, such as friends, family, and team parents; at a fraction of the time of using a carpooling tree, and at a fraction of the cost of using another ridesharing service.

Simply put, it enables parents to arrange for transportation in an easier, quicker, more efficient way than ever before, with a bonus added value of being significantly safer and cost effective than alternative methods.

So where did this come from, you might be wondering… Well, allow me to introduce myself while providing a little bit of back story… 

I’m Shaki, I like to say it rhymes with hockey and it’s short for Shekera (like the singer).  I’m the Founder of Sideline Society, The Ultimate Resource and Community of Support for Youth Sports Moms and Team Moms, and I’ve been a dedicated sports mom, living right here in Prince William County for the past nine years.  My boys have been playing consecutive and sometimes concurrent seasons of football, basketball, and track since they were 5 years old.  I absolutely love running down the sideline to support my boys (seriously, there’s video…) I love watching them play and develop into leaders and team players both on and off the field.


But let’s be honest, it’s sometimes extremely difficult to get them to where they need to be on time.  Take this year for example, my oldest son started playing Varsity football as a freshman in HS, my middle son continued with his 4th consecutive season of travel football, and I started a new job, an hour and a half away from where we live.

Yup, difficult to say the least;

And while the youth sports community is tight knit; and I could depend on trusted friends and family to help me out in my time of need; the process to arrange that support is super cumbersome and time consuming!

As a result, my boys were constantly late or missing practices, and events and I was simply overwhelmed.  Maybe I could try a popular ridesharing service, but that would quickly add up; and participating in youth sports is expensive enough on its own.  Between the travel, gear, and the food that’s just not a sustainable option; not to mention their policies don’t allow kids 16 and under to ride.  And who was I kidding? I don’t just trust any random person with my kids… and that was when I had my light bulb moment for Sideline SOS.

Sideline SOS stands for Sideline System of Support and it helps over 45 million American sports families get their athletes to/from practices, games, and events at a fraction of the cost of one rideshare, without ever putting their trust in a stranger again, AND ALL at the push of a button.

The app works in 3 simple steps, and here’s where your opportunity to get more support in your sidelinelife comes in to play:

Step #1 – Build your SOS (“System of Support – a network of trusted friends, family and team parents that you personally invite to join your SOS”). When you invite someone to join your SOS, you are sending them a personal invite via text/email and once they accept, they set up a profile within the app and become eligible to receive an SOS alert to start supporting you by providing rides for your athletes when you need support!

Step #2 – Our proprietary technology allows SOS members to set and automate their availability to provide rides.  This allows the SOS member, including you, to earn and redeem points for rewards for every ride they provide.  It’s actually pretty smart!  You see, when you create your profile you have the ability to connect your favorite calendar app to the Sideline SOS App.  With your calendar connected the app is able to determine your availability to provide rides, you can also set this manually so when a request comes through all you have to do is accept and show up!

The added bonus here is this – for every ride you provide to someone in your SOS, the more points you earn that can be redeemed to help you save money at your favorite retailers!  We plan to partner with popular retail companies (that you already shop with) all in an effort to help you support your community and save you money when it matters the most!!

Step #3 – Request a ride when YOU need support for your athlete and track your athlete (using the built-in GPS feature) as others support you.

The best part about this app is the simplicity in requesting support from your SOS.  No more spending hours trying to contact friends and family and waiting around for a response, only to realize they are unavailable; or worse, trying to find support for a last minute request!

Now, at the push of a button your SOS gets sent out to everyone in your circle and you’re able to secure support for you and your athlete in record time!  Now that’s organization at it’s finest!

Now here is where we need your support!  We currently have a LIVE Kickstarter campaign to help bring this app to reality.  While our monetary goal is to raise $7,000, our overall goal is to raise awareness.  So if that’s in the form of a share, a like, or even a $5 pledge, it will help spread the word so we can support as many families as possible.  That’s the idea here, the more people who know about it and use it, the more support we will all get in our sideline lives!  So let’s all make it a win win by sharing the app and our campaign with your sports mom friends and family.

If you want to learn about the different features of the app and our Kickstarter Campaign timeline, check out

There you’ll find the different pledge levels, answers to your questions with a FAQ section and even a few fun GIFs that explain how the app works, along with a short explainer video.

If you’re ready to pledge your support, you can head straight to our Kickstarter campaign, which can be found here:

If you want to learn more about how to stay organized and plan around your kid’s busy sports life, check out more tips, hacks and strategies, and even download our most popular resource, The Ultimate Sports Mom Survival Bag Checklist at

However you choose to support, thank you; and please know that we will not stop until we are all able to use this sustainable solution because there is a real need to solve this problem… not only for my own household, but also for the millions of families who want to support their student athletes, but struggle with this daily; even those right here in Prince William County!

Special thanks to Kristina at PWCMoms for allowing me the opportunity to share with you today!

Wishing you much peace, love, and sideline success!