Giveaway: Uppercase Living

Okay, so I really loved this one.  With homeschooling, sports, 3 kids and writing for on a completely unreliable basis, PWC Moms, keeping my house clean and not totally losing my sanity, I have had very little (no) time to do anything crafty.

Crafty things make me happy.

My Santa Countdown from Uppercase Living was just enough of a “project” to make me feel that little bit of joy you get from making something- but it was fast and already assembled so that there was no planning or mess! That made me feel like I was winning like Charlie Sheen.

Minus the drugs and girls, of course.  We keep it rated G in this house.

So, backing up, the very fabulous Amanda White, PWC Moms reader and Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator, contacted me about “something seasonal”.  I honestly had no clue what Uppercase Living was, but whatever, I love a giveaway! (Amanda was even kind enough to drop off the kit at my house! Bonus points for her!)

Anyhow, when you open the kit up, here’s what you’ll find:

At this point, I realized there was some assembly required, hence Amanda’s email stating she’d be happy to answer any questions about how to use the giveaway item.  I’m blonde, people.  Sometimes it takes awhile for things to click.  As previously stated, the “failproof craft” aspect made me really excited!

Oooh! Directions! And a “credit card” to add to my daughter’s collection when I’m done applying the letters to my Santa Countdown! Score!  (Note: I didn’t really fully read the directions.  I skimmed them and was like, general idea, great, let’s go!  This meant I didn’t really notice that the diamonds should have lined up- which is really genius.  Be ye not so overzealous and yours will look even better than mine, and I think mine is adorable.  So there.)

So there are basically 2 steps to this process.  First, use the plastic card to firmly rub the vinyl lettering onto the sticky side of parchment that it comes between.  Peel.  Then, use the plastic card to firmly affix the letters to the item (in this case, a metal round).

Also, please note: if you’re going to put pictures of yourself making one of these on the internet, be smarter than I was and use a little hand lotion first.  Also, don’t wear your pink George Mason sweatshirt…

So, in summary:  This took about 10 minutes from skimming the directions to completion, it was really fun and I felt like I got to claim I made it, and it was really fun and easy!!

 Oooh look! A before and after!

The white board is magnetic and we’re planning to use a magnet to mark the countdown day once December starts.

Fun, right?

Uppercase Living has a lot of other cute items, too! From chalk wall shapes that you can write and erase on to religious quotes, family wall decals and clocks, there are so many cute ideas for your home! We have a small area that we store our kids toys in, and it also has a craft table for them to create on.  I’ve been thinking about a wall decal in that space for awhile, and am pretty sure Amanda can look forward to me ordering this one….just as soon as I pick a color 🙂

Want to have your own mini-craft moment and win a Santa Claus Countdown for your home? (Or as a gift! It’d be a cute gift for a Santa-lover!) Head over to Amanda’s facebook page and let her know your favorite product from her website!

Good luck, and thanks again to Decorate with Amanda for the great giveaway!!

Amanda White
Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator