Giveaway: Touch of Gold Occoquan

Have you ever had one of those jobs where you work to support your habit?  I didn’t used to wear jewelry (except for my wedding set) unless there was some special occasion until I started working at Touch of Gold, and then I realized that my life had been empty and meaningless until I found sparkly things!! Sparkly things that I would be paying off in labor until I turned 50!!

That Carrie Manderfield is a smart lady….getting us in the door and hooked on all the gorgeous things in the shop 😉

Just kidding, my life wasn’t completely empty and meaningless.

Carrie’s boutique store is recently remodeled inside (this year) to have a very boutique feel- and it’s adorable.  In addition to all the fine jewelry you’d expect to find in an Occoquan jeweler, she also carries a wide assortment of what I would call “gift-priced” items.  These include everything from Kameleon, which is a great starter piece for a younger girl or a great girlfriend gift depending on the center jewel pop that you pick, to sterling silver pieces, to Troll Beads.

Hello, Trollbeads.

So, initially Trollbeads are an investment.  You buy a bracelet (or necklace, or ring, but I like my bracelet), clasp, and starter bead(s) to get you going.  After that, though, you tell everyone you know that you looooooove your Trollbeads bracelet, and they can pick you up a bead or two for special occasions.  Troll is really like a modern and colorful take on a charm bracelet.  If you like collectable lines like Pandora, but would love a little more color, Troll might be just what you’re looking for. 

Ah, so pretty 🙂 My bracelet is pastels and diamond beads, which have crystals inside.  The beauty of these is that they can be however you want.  Mathced or just a random assortment, they’re beautiful. 

This season, Trollbeads has a “Luck and Joy” bracelet they’re selling for $99.  It’s a great price to start off your collection!

You get to select your color bead, and they’re all super cute.  I would pick pink.  That’s just me.  I typically pick pink, though.

Would you loooove one of these either for yourself or to give as a present? Touch of Gold is giving one away to a lucky reader to celebrate their upcoming Christmas Trunk Show starting THIS Saturday and running December 1st, 2nd, and 4th.  They’ll have some specials going on the Trollbeads specials going on, and you can enter to win this fantastic bracelet!! Just tell them you’re a PwcMoms reader, and they’ll get you signed up to win!  (You can go in starting today!)

Send your husbands, too.  There’s no shame in reading my site if you’re a guy 😉

 Contest ends on December 3rd so that we can pick a winner and you can still have time to shop the trunk show if you don’t win!!
_________________________________________________________________ just really likes Touch of Gold.  All opinions are our own.  Good luck!!