Giveaway: Smart Wash

If you’re anything like me, this summer has been filled with swim team (wet towels), VBS (glitter!), back-to-back activities (lunch in the car!), and fun outdoor activities (sand/gravel/mulch).

That means that your car looks like some kind of demented scrapbook of all the things above.  The floor of my van is covered in goldfish, sand, craft materials, and dirt.  I feel like I can admit that to you guys, because if you haven’t ever had a messy car, you’re not really a parent, so you can stop reading my website.

Still here? Excellent.

PwcMoms sponsor The Smart Car Wash of Woodbridge is not only 100% eco-friendly, they also do a bang-up job of clearing out your kids’ ongoing summer memories collection, at least as it’s found on the floor of your sedan.

The Smart Car Wash recycles wash water, uses bio-degradable chemicals, hand-drys vehicles, uses local brick/recycled materials/forest council certified lumber on its buildings, wind turbine power, and takes all the steps they can to keep the environment clean while cleaning your vehicle.

To help get you on your way to sparkling clean, The Smart Car Wash is offering a lucky winner a $50 gift card! Use it for whatever services you’d like including exterior-only wash, full-service wash, or interior/exterior detailing packages!

Good luck!

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