Giveaway: The Smart Car Wash

One of our newest sponsors, The Smart Car Wash has an awesome giveaway this week for a $50 gift card for services of your choice! Whether you use this to clean up your own car (and we all know that mommy cars are a mess, let’s be honest) or save it for the special guy in your life as an awesome gift, this is definitely one giveaway we could all use!! 

Located at 13589 Minnieville Road in Woodbridge (behind the Dunkin Donuts right before/after Lowes depending on your direction!), The Smart Car Wash is the World’s first LEED certified wash- meaning that you’re being eco friendly AND cleaning your car!  

A few fast facts about The Smart Car Wash:
-Recycles 100% of its water
-Collects 100,000 gallons of rain water from its roof, which it cleans into drinking water
-Uses 100% Wind Turbine enegry
-Uses only 40 gallons of water to make your car sparkle- the average home wash uses 140 gallons
You can learn more about their commitment to being eco-friendly on their website

The Smart Wash offers both exterior-only washes, full service washes, and detailing packages.  Exterior only washes start at just $10, but right now, they’re running a $5 wash promotion through the end of November.  If you want to upgrade, they’re running a few coupon specials, too!

Definitely check out The Smart Car Wash in Woodbridge for an eco-friendly car wash!! 
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