Giveaway: The Secrets to Spending Less Workshop

 Sherri Gray, aka “The Money Mom” wrote a guest piece a few weeks ago that was our highest visited piece for 6 days!  Clearly you all love the advice she’s got to share!

Sherri offers workshops, in addition to her web-radio program each Wednesday, and she’s got one coming up on March 24th called “The Secrets to Spending Less”.  In it, Sherri says you’ll learn how to “save on food, clothes, & household products including how I saved $2,400 in one year using coupons.”
The workshop is scheduled for the 24th from 6:00pm-7:00pm in Manassas.  You can register for $10 at Sherri’s Website, and you can opt to attend in person or via phone.  
However, if you’d like to start learning to spend less with a bang, you can enter to win a seat at “The Secrets to Spending Less” by emailing The Money Mom with “Spending Less Workshop” in the subject line.  The winner will be announced Thursday, which will give you time to register if you don’t get a free ticket!
Thanks to The Money Mom for this great, educational giveaway!!  Good luck!