Giveaway: PwcMoms The App

Okay, so this is probably not the most exciting giveaway I’ve done ever, but I’m still really amped that we can offer you guys an app version of PwcMoms so that you can access information from our site from your Swagger Wagon.

You can watch the video (edit: This is now a link because apparently Android flips out when I embed videos and boots the app.  Steve Jobs is looking down on you from Shangri-La, Android users, and he’s laughing….and not in a happy way, it’s like a semi-evil “shoulda bought an iPhone” laugh, but not too evil, because he’s in Buddhist Paradise….you can’t be evil in paradise, I don’t think- but my concentration in college was Abrahamic Traditions so I could be wrong.)   I’ll wait.  It’s an oldie but goodie.

I personally rock a Dodge Grand Caravan, but I get what the Toyota people are saying.

In case you fell off Facebook for a week or so and missed it, I am married to a very awesome software engineer who needed an excuse to get an app developer license.  Luckily for him, you guys hate how my website looks from your iPhones!  So, he spent a few days making an app.  Then, once it was approved by the powers-that-be, you guys wanted an Android app, too.  One person also wanted to know when it was coming to Windows phones…but that might take a little longer 🙂 Here are the details on the app:


UPDATE: The PwcMoms App is now available for Android 4.0+ smartphones and tablets.  Get it from Google Play! is proud to announce that we now have a mobile app available in the iOS App Store.

Due to the considerable time and resources required to create this app, we were unable to offer this app for free, but it is very inexpensive, and we think you will love it!

Our app is even better than our website, here’s why… 

Read our blog or visit our calendar with a user experience designed explicitly for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
Be the first to hear about new posts and giveaways with blog post reminders.
Never miss an event again with event reminders and turn-by-turn directions.
It’s easy, just tap an event, tap the Reminder button, choose your notification settings, and tap save.

… and it will get even better as we add new features!

As mentioned in the overview of the app, we aren’t able to offer the app for free right now as we cover the costs involved in being able to license the application for iPhone and Android.  However, today I have 3 free apps to give away! To enter, you’re going to need to email me whether you’ll purchase the PwcMoms app through the iOS App Store or Google Play (the codes are different for each store).  I know I typically do Rafflecopter, but this way I’ll have the information I need to give you the correct code, and don’t worry- I’ll still announce the winners on Facebook.  

All entries need to be received by Friday, September 6th at 11:59pm.  I’ll select winners over the weekend to announce Monday morning. 

Good luck! 
This giveaway is not affiliated with iPhone, Android, any cellular phone carrier, the App Store, Google Play, or really, anyone cool or important. You can read our full giveaway rules here, and by entering, you agree to these rules and conditions. Also, please don’t app and drive.  Just park your swagger wagon and use the app from the safely parked position.