Giveaway: Oragami Owl

I think I’m going to have to do more of the “guess what this is!” posts on Facebook because you guys were cracking me up!!

It’s a bra! It’s an eyepatch! It’s a band-aid! It was awesome!! Next giveaway, same thing.  Look for it. Well, actually, maybe not the next one….the next one would be pretty obvious.  But I’ll do it again, for sure.

What was actually in the picture?

That eyepatch is actually a fabric fortune cookie holding an Origami Owl necklace! Origami Owl is something like a charm bracelet for your neck.  These see-through lockets can be filled with tiny charms representing whatever you’d like! The catalog features ideas for themed colors, vacations, or just items of everyday importance.

That’s what I went with.  I started off with three gemstones, one for each child’s birth month, a hummingbird (because my husband used to call me that when we were dating and I wasn’t comfortable enough to sing in the car), and a cross, for obvious reasons.

However, you can fill yours with whatever you’d like! You can even buy a backing plate to give your pieces more “pop”:

Obviously the outer “living lockets” come in various sizes and finishes.  When Independent Designer Amy Homan contacted me, I was actually a little ambivalent about these, because the idea seemed a little juvenile.  I had decided it would be really cute for a teenager (and it would be!) and actually had a pretty good chuckle when I saw that the creater of the now-national line was 14 when she started her business.  She was trying to raise enough money to buy a used car for her 16th birthday.  Bet that went pretty well for her 🙂

Anyhow, while I was right, and these would be adorable for a younger girl, I actually really like my necklace!! I wore it to our Max Muscle Ladies Night and got lots of compliments on it, too! My locket is a medium-sized silver, although I went back and forth between that one and the one ringed out in crystals….

Oooooh, sparkles!

I like mine the way it is, though.

So, back to Amy Homan.  Amy would be happy to help you design your own Origami Owl necklace, or one for the younger girl or friends in your life, too! (I hate to play into this in October, but Christmas the over-comercialized winter holiday of your choice IS coming, people!) I love gifts like this, too, because once the person has one, you can easily pick up a new charm or dangle to spice it up and keep it at a very reasonable price point!  Lockets are already a fairly good price, starting around $20.

Of course, Amy’s got a giveaway for you guys!  The winner will get a charm of their choice to add to a locket or a friend’s!

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I was provided with a locket to use in my review.  All opinions are my own.