Giveaway: National Geographic Museum Presents Spinosaurus

Because I grew up in the Washington, DC area, I am something of a brat about paying for museums.  We have all these fantastic Smithsonians! They’re free! Well, I mean, taxes, but they’re free!! The first time we went to Philadelphia with a friend and I had to pay for a museum I just stared at the woman in horror- what do you mean there’s an admission fee?? 
In the meantime, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum has shut it’s dinosaur exhibit for cleaning and several museums have opened in DC that charge admission, including the National Geographic Museum, which is currently displaying Spinosaurus. 
And here’s the thing about pay museums you guys, they do a nice job.  The exhibits are lovely and frequently feature interactive technology or very cool models.  The museum isn’t packed to the brim the way the Smithsonians are frequently overflowing with people.  It’s actually really lovely. 

 We learned that there are fossil stores in Morocco.  You can just go and buy gemstones and fossil parts.  Apparently you can’t take them out of the country, but everybody does.  We are currently planning an imaginary field trip to Morocco, although if everyone wants to buy ads so I can actually go, I’m cool with that, too!

We loved learning about how this full-scale model was built using a 3D printer.  We would like to have a 3D printer at home, but will settle for watching videos about scanning fossils and printing dinosaurs.  That’s pretty awesome. 

 Mandatory “Oh No! The Dino Got Logan!” picture.

 There are two other sections to the National Geographic Museum.  While we were there, they were redoing the International Food Exhibit.  Mars Up Close was open, though, and it’s a very small, but interesting section and displays models of the various Mars rovers.

This is the outdoor model of Spinosaurus.  He’s pretty cool and lets you know where to park 😉 (17th and M)
So, overall, I would say that the National Geographic Museum is worth a look.  If you’re paying to go, I would confirm that all the exhibits are open.  It’s well done but small, and I would have been disappointed if I paid for admission and there was a section closed.  
Tickets are $11 for adults and $7 for children, or you can add a 3D movie (Admission/Movie is $16 adults, $12 kids).  The exhibits are well-done and the information is great.  The kids enjoyed walking through, and you can see everything in the museum in about 1-2 hours, depending on how much you’re reading.  The gift shop is also very nice, if you’re into that, which my kids totally are. 
If you want to go for less, group rates and field trips for schools are available. 
If you think your children would enjoy checking out Spinosaurus, you can enter using the Rafflecopter below to win your own family 4 pack of tickets to check out the National Geographic Museum in DC! 

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As always, by entering you agree to be bound by our giveaway rules, which you can read by clicking here. PwcMoms was provided with free admission to complete our review, but all opinions are our own.  PwcMoms is not responsible for DC traffic, your child deciding he wants a 3D printer for Christmas, your child deciding to never pay off their student loans because they’re going to be a paleontologist and live in a tent in Africa, but we are happy to be fully responsible if you have a fantastic time, so let us know what you think if you go!