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Once upon a time I had a cleaning service ask me to do a review, and it didn’t go well.  In fact, it went terribly.  My hardwood floors were sticky and things got broken.  But I liked the idea of someone else cleaning my house, because I am insanely busy with a business and a part-time job and homeschooling and just, you know, life in Northern Virginia.  So I went on Thumbtack (which is my favorite) and I found Convoy Cleaning Services, which was veteran-owned and in my price range.

So I booked them to clean my house, and they did a great job.  Everything was clean.  They put my shoes back on the shoe rack in my closet so they could vacuum well.  They origami folded my toilet paper.  It was amazing, and life was good.


(They even vacuum the sofas)

Then, one magical day, the owner messaged me and asked about advertising.  He didn’t realize I was already a client, but honestly, those are my favorite people to work with, because if I already love a product or company, it’s really easy to tell you guys about it! So I did what any sane person would do, and I had them start coming twice a month.

And here’s the thing.

Initially, I felt really guilty about hiring a cleaning service.  I grew up in a house where my mom did everything and didn’t need help, so I felt like I was cheating.  You know what? If this is cheating, I’ll take 2.  Having Convoy come makes it so that I can keep up with my house.  I even plan big events around when they’re coming so that I don’t have to stress before big events because I know my house will be sparkling.  There is nothing wrong with taking a little help- and Convoy gives great help!! The best part? You guys have tried them and liked them, too!! I love seeing your feedback on facebook:

Marie P.:  We use them too! Great company! I’ve always been satisfied after they left.

Mary L:  They are headed to my place tomorrow 🙂 Love them!

Yay!! But what I don’t love seeing is “I wish I could try this” or “That must be nice”, because I wish you could try it, too, and it is nice!! So, Convoy and I are offering you a holiday cleaning of your own! You’ll get up to $175 in cleaning services (that should do your whole house unless it’s 6+ bedrooms).  Use it for yourself or give it as a gift, it’s up to you!

I think you’re going to really love Convoy! Enter using the rafflecopter below!
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