Giveaway: Cheers Art Studio

Cheers Art Studio is offering a fun giveaway this week! In addition to their adult classes (BYOB) they offer kids, birthday parties, fundraisers, and now they’re offering “All Ages” classes, too.  That means you and your kiddo can paint together!

Cheers is offering 2 tickets (a $70 value) to their November 22nd class

Read that again- November 22nd.  Make sure you can do that date before you enter!! I’ve had a lot of contests lately where people email me dejected because they “didn’t know it was a specific date” so let me say it again- class is NOVEMBER 22 FROM 2-4PM.

When you arrive in class, you’ll get all the materials you need.  You can bring your own snacks and drinks if you’d like.  The class on November 22nd from 2-4pm will be making an owl:

You can customize your colors to match your house, too.  Not sure what you’ll do with two owl paintings? Might I suggest keeping the one and sending one to Grandma for Christmas? Or perhaps keeping one and taking one to dad’s house, etc.

Cheers is a lot of fun, so good luck!! Enter to win your spot in the November 22nd class from 2-4pm using the rafflecopter below.

Oh wait- did I mention the time/date? It’s NOVEMBER 22ND FROM 2-4PM. Kthanks 🙂

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