Giveaway: Aquavation

Not sure how I missed this one, either! I was having some serious blog issues this week- so we’ll run this from today (Saturday, March 31st) through Monday (April 2).

I am running jogging somehow finishing the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler tomorrow, and a big part of my training has been drinking more water.  I used to be a huge Diet Coke addict, but I’ve given it up in lieu of more “high quality H20”.  It’s not always easy, but I’ve found if I have it with me all the time, I’m more likely to drink it!
And, let’s be honest, I’m more likely to have water with me if I’ve got something cute to tote it around it.  Enter: Aquavation.  Aquavation not only custom-makes your water bottle, part of the proceeds from each bottle go to the charity of your choice! You can also do fundraisers for your school, sport, or organization through them! What an original idea- it’s a nice “spirit wear” item that’s different than the typical t-shirt.
When you go to make your bottle, you just go to the website, select the organization, and then your background.  You can select a pre-made background, or customize your background color and border.  I decided to select my own, and I had a little bit of trouble because once you choose your background color it’s a little confusing how to choose the border, but if you just click “back” on your browser, it saves your background color and then you can select your border.  

Once you’re there, you can opt for text (or not) and add pictures (or not).  When you add pictures, though, be prepared- your low-quality iPhone picture isn’t gonna make the cut.  Because they want your finished product to come out well, there’s a minimum quality that your picture has to be, and they’ll only let you enlarge the picture to a size where the image is optimal quality.

So then, you just have to decide what motivates you.  I selected a full-size picture of my family that I love from Keys Photography.  After that, you just confirm your bottle and they print it!  The pictures turn out well, considering they’re screen printed on a bottle.  I was really happy with mine- but they don’t look the same as they do on the screen.  This isn’t me- but you can get an idea.  I think these are really cute and that they’d be a great gift for a Grammy or Auntie, too!!  I could also see one of these being a fantastic end of season gift for a coach or team mom.  
I also really appreciate that each bottle comes with a carrying strap.  It’s really convenient for biking or running since you don’t have to keep a tight grip on your bottle!
Want to win your own Aquavation bottle?
1- Leave a comment letting me know what motivates you.
2-Want an extra entry? Tweet “I want to win an @Aquavation Bottle from @PwcMoms”!  
3-Need one more? (Hey, mother’s day is coming up- this could be a great gift!) Head over to the Aquavation Facebook Page where they also share lots of great pictures and promotions, and let them know PwcMoms sent you!  As per Facebook rules, you’ll need to let me know you did this by leaving a comment here, as your comment on the website and not your Facebook activity is your entry. 
Aquavation will be generously allowing me to pick 4 winners!! Good luck! 
Disclosure: PwcMoms was provided with a promotional water bottle to try the and four additional promotional bottles to give away to readers in return for this post. No other compensation was provided to PwcMoms.  All opinions expressed here are my own and are true and valid to the best of my knowledge.