Get Outdoors with NoVA Outdoors

If you haven’t heard about NoVA Outdoors, our area’s finest blog for reviewing parks and playgrounds, you’ve been missing out!  You can expand the county list on the left sidebar to find a large number of parks in Northern Virginia and beyond.  Families love the honest reviews and pictures, so you can “know before you go.”  
I got a chance to chat with Kamber Petty,  local mom and founder of NoVA Outdoors and asked her a couple of questions. 
Kamber Petty, NoVA Outdoors
What do you look for when reviewing parks and playgrounds?
When I’m reviewing parks I look for fun equipment for the kids to play on, restrooms for the potty training crowd and natural areas where the kids can walk the trails. Safety is always a concern so I look for parks that are kept up and if the equipment is in good shape.
Have you had any funny moments on any of your adventures. 
One of the many funny moments I’ve had over the past two years while reviewing parks was with my oldest Cooper. Cooper was 3 years old at the time and I asked him what he thought of the park we were at. I’ll never forget, he put his hands on hips and in a very serious voice he told me he was concerned there were no swings for his baby brother Max. From that day on every time we get in the car after a park visit he lets me know what he likes about the park and what was missing.
Although the website boasts many, many reviews.  Here are some that are specific to towns in Prince William County. Click on the town to read the reviews. 

Article written by Micaela WIlliamson, author of Kid Trips Northern Virginia Edition