Fundraiser Idea: Chipotle Mexican Grill

This isn’t a sponsored post- Chipotle just got in touch with me about their fundraiser nights, and I had flashbacks to PTA and trying really hard to find things that would offer us some serious return on investment for the time we had to spend publicizing, printing, and drumming up interest!  50% of your group’s sales is nothing to scoff at! 

From Chipotle:

While most companies offer only about 15% for fundraisers, our fundraiser nights are extremely popular because we donate 50% of any orders placed by customers that come in to support your group! Organizations usually apply on our website to request to host a fundraiser with us. 

Our fundraisers are held on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays from 5-8PM and the process is easy: 

  • Respond with the month you are looking to have a fundraiser night with us
  • Chipotle will send you a few available dates to choose from
  • When a date is set, a flyer file is created and e-mailed to you to promote the event
  • The night of the fundraiser any customer that comes in between 5-8PM and shows the cashier they are there for your group (by showing a hard copy flyer or the file on their phone or just by verbally telling the cashier) will have 50% of their order donated to your organization
  • The next day we will communicate the amount raised and you will receive a check within 6 weeks
Please note: the fundraiser can only be held at 1 location (not multiple stores) and no promotion can be done outside/inside the store on the day of the event. We are also not able to post or pass out any kind of flyers, brochures, etc. in the store at any time. More information can be found on our website!

50% is a great cut for your fundraiser, and don’t forget, while I don’t typically post individual fundraisers on the Facebook page because there are so many, you can submit these to our calendar! Be sure to include a link for people to download your flier, and invite the community out for burritos!