Frosty Fun Party

Some days it is just too hot to play outside.  When the air quality is black or the heat index is triple-digits, you need a new game plan that doesn’t involve the great outdoors.

So…what should you do? Well, you can obviously check out our family calendar for activity ideas (hint hint), or check out $1 Movies at Regal Cinemas if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday, you can sign up for Kids Bowl Free and hit the lanes for an hour or so- but ultimately, you’re going to have to spend some time at home, too. So….what then?

It’s party time.

I know people typically talk about Christmas in July- but  I can’t take one more day of my life devoted to cloying carols, so I say skip straight to the good stuff and host a frosty fun party!

Start by setting the scene with white everything (because it’s snowing!) and make your space look cold.  Don’t leave your kids out of the process, either! Let them decorate or cut out snow flakes to spread around!

Here’s what I suggest you snag from your cabinets or the dollar store to have a fantastic time.  Remember that just being out of the ordinary can make it a great memory for your children!


To set up: White tablecloth, white flower petals, sparkly table decor, paper snowflakes, etc.

For snacks: Popcorn, “Icicles” (freeze Coconut Water or Blue Gatorade in ice pop trays), SnoBalls, etc.

For crafts: Ice cube trays, paint, paper, lotion or conditioner, glitter, corn starch

For games: Cotton balls, white streamers, white balloons, plastic spoons

Craft One: Snow!

What is a party these days without slime of some kind? This snow is SUPER easy, smells fantastic, and makes your hands feel fantastic.  IMG_1649 IMG_1650

In a container, combine equal amounts of lotion or conditioner and corn starch with your glitter (optional, but live your best life and use it!).  Mix until snow forms.  You’ll know it’s ready when you can build a snowman. This feels more like kinetic sand than slime, and kids will have fun shaping it, making snowmen, or using cookie cutters to form it.

IMG_1653Craft Two: Ice Painting

This craft is about as easy as it gets- you’re literally adding food color to water and then freezing it with popsicle sticks or toothpicks, but if you need detailed directions, I like Easy, Peasy, and Fun.

ice-popsicleGame 1: Snowball Catapault

Use the plastic spoons as catapults to launch the cotton ball “snow” from one side of the table into a goal on the other side.  You can use a bowl, a plate, or a bullseye.

Game 2: Snowball Fight

Inflate your white balloons before the party (you can also use crumpled up paper or the cotton balls you used before).  Separate children into two teams, put them on opposite sides of a room, and  give them 1 minute to try to get as much “snow” on the other team’s side as they can.  The winner is the team that gets the most balloons on the other team’s floor when the whistle blows or the music stops.

Game 3: DIY Frosty the Snowman

Using the crepe paper, each team of children will race to wrap up a “snowman” mummy-style as fast as they can.  Speed counts, but so does neatness! You can also use toilet paper, but the crepe paper from the dollar store (2 for a dollar!) is a lot cheaper.

IMG_1647Hope that you have a blast in the snow!!