Featured Organization Friday: Two Tiny Hands

this week’s Featured Organization Friday, I’d like you to meet Two Tiny Hands. Two Tiny Hands is a family outreach program providing support to
families after the loss of a child.

Two Tiny Hands is an outreach program provided by SIDS Mid-Atlantic,
a 501c3 nonprofit in the Northern Virginia area.  Two Tiny Hands
provides support to families after the loss of a child

organization provides care packages for siblings who have lost a brother
or sister, as well as canvas pictures for parents, as a photo memorial.
 Grief information is also provided to families through a loaning
library program as well as online resources found on their website.  The
idea is based on helping parents grieve so families can be healthy and

From their website:

know that a healthy family begins with healthy parents and our care
package is to help communication between parent and child or even begin a
healthy dialogue.
Support information can also be given to parents.  We have a variety of
books, pamphlets, and websites to help the parents during their time of

They also keep a great list of organizations that can provide support or meetings for parents who’ve experienced a loss.

In addition to offering care packages and information, Two Tiny
hands also offers support to parents.  Their newest offering is Yoga for
mothers who have lost a child.  In contrast to a traditional support
group, the yoga class will not involve any dialogue or sharing of
personal information, but will be a time for mothers to have time to
themselves to reflect and relax and recharge.  Information is listed on
the flier below.  Moms need to pre-register for a month at a time by
calling 703-608-4138,
 The class is paid for by SIDS Mid-Atlantic and is entirely free for
mothers.  If you would like to attend, but feel like you need additional
support, a friend may bring you to the class.
Two Tiny Hands takes monetary donations to cover resources and accepts new stuffed animals for sibling care packages.

For more information:
Facebook: Two Tiny Hands