Featured Organization Friday: Make the Future, Inc.

Organizer Michael Futrell took a few moments to share with PwcMoms about his local organization “Make the Future“.

Michael shared that “Make
The Future is an organization with the mission of completely impacting
the lives of young men and women throughout the metropolitan D.C
community, through a strong focus on positive and constructive life
choices that eliminates negative self images.”  The program focuses on youth and holds a basketball camp that teaches children health and nutrition as well as sportsmanship and skills.  The group also helped organize the revitalization program for the Dumfries Boys and Girls Club so that the building could re-open.  They also concurrently enroll their basketball students in an Educational Bootcamp program that helps them prepare for the ACT/SAT/SOLs and paid for the tests. The program also runs mentorship programs and an African Cultural Exchange program.

Currently, Make the Future is involved with the White House’s “Let’s Move” campaign.  They held a kickoff event at Freedom High School with NBA Hall of Fame Athlete Dominique Wilkins, and are now trying to get Michelle Obama to attend their next event. This is where the organization needs your help.

In order to get Michelle Obama to come to their next “Let’s Move” event and recognize the work that Make the Future and its youth have done, Michael Futrell is asking community members to call (202-456-1414) or email (firstladyscheduling@who.eop.gov) the White House on behalf of Make the Future and request that “you would like to see First Lady Michelle
Obama attend the Make The Future Let’s Move Community Picnic Day at the
Boys and Girls Club in Manassas on April 21st”.  Futurell is hoping that having the youth see their contributions and achievements are important will help inspire them to continue.