Featured Organization Friday: The Lego Movie/FMSC Fundraiser

 Feed My Starving Children is one of my favorite charities.  I love that their model is to provide help immediately as well as training.  Their goal is to put themselves out of business by helping people become self-sufficient, not charity dependent.  Our church does a HUGE mobile pack every year (so much fun!) and to raise money to pack EVEN MORE meals, they’ve been doing a number of family-friendly events.  One coming up- watch the Lego Movie and raise money for FMSC! Hope to see you there! 

Please join us on August 2nd for a family movie night to help raise
funds for New Hope’s 2014 FMSC MobilePack event. We will be watching
The Lego Movie following the Saturday evening service from 7-9 pm.

We have many different options for you to make the FMSC Movie Night a
great event. We will start the Lego Movie at 7pm. We are offering a
Movie Night Package for $25!!!! Think about it…..a fun night of
entertainment for 4 for only $25! This package includes 1 large pizza, 4
drink cups, and 4 tickets to the movie. We have individual food
options to make it easy for everyone to come and enjoy the movie.
Additionally, we will have popcorn and candy available for purchase the
night of.