Featured Organization Friday: Hope For Julianna

Meet Julianna:

How freaking adorable is she??

Unfortuantely, though, Julianna, in addition to having that adorable face, also has childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  If you’ve ever had a child who’s needed any type of medical treatment, you know how quickly costs add up.  For a child with a serious illness, these costs are obviously astronomical.  

Her family is holding a car wash this Saturday Sept. 22, to raise funds for Julianna‚Äôs treatment. 

They write on their website:
If you do not have any plans and are in the area, please consider helping us out. We could really use some extra manpower and support. Or if you would like to stop by to get your car washed, that would be great, too! Please contact me if you are able to grab a sponge and spend a few hours with us.