Featured Organization Friday: Fundraiser for Isla the Brave

the Fierce
Though she may be little, she is
Give Back 2 Others has chosen to honor a newly diagnosed child
named Isla Kate Lucks.  Isla lives in the community and is in the fight of
her life.  On July 31, 2014, just shy of 15 months old, Isla Kate was
diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. This is a rare pediatric cancer affecting
the nerve cells. For Isla, her diagnosis came through the discovery of a large
tumor on her left adrenal gland in her abdomen. This beautiful little girl now
has a long and difficult treatment plan ahead of her. Her strong willed
personality has given her the nickname, “Isla the Fierce”.  She fights
with grace and dignity and has been lauded by the medical team as one of the
best babies they have ever served. Her tenacious spirit and love of laughter
has kept the staff on their toes. Isla is a ‘Mama’s girl’, a chatterbox, and
she loves to sing and dance.  Her favorite foods are marshmallows and
olives. She loves Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and her family; especially her best
friend and older brother Elliott.  Throughout the next year and a half,
she will be in and out of hospitals, enduring painful treatments and traveling
far to receive the best care available.  Give Back 2 Others desires to
rally around this amazing little girl and her family to show them how much they
are loved and supported.  Our fundraising event on November 21st
will be the opportunity we have to support this family in tangible ways.
 We hope to see you there!
About GB2O
Give Back 2 Others started
as a simple holiday party at the home of Holly & Jason Andrzejewski in
2009.  The focus each year was  to “give back”
to someone in need. Holly and Jason asked guests to bring donations or
 gifts to be given to a designated family.  Each family chosen had a
member struggling with a life-threatening illness.  Through the incredible
generosity of friends, Holly and Jason were able to make a difference in ways
they had never dreamed possible. Holly and Jason began to wonder if it would be
possible to do more.  In 2011 they decided it was time to take it to the
next level. With the help of a local 501c3 charity, Trevor’s Treasurers,
they organized a party that received more than 300 guests and raised a large
sum of money for Trevor’s Treasurers. This incredible experience solidified
their desire to continue the event and ”Giving Back 2 Others”
was born.  On August 20, 2014, Give Back 2 Others was
created as a legitimate Non-Profit organization.  They are currently
waiting on their 501c3 approval from the IRS, which is expected any day. With
the help of the Board of Directors and many active volunteers, they have big
plans for the future of GB2O and look forward to helping many families in the future.
Donating to GB2O and tickets for the Holiday Gala
can be made through the GB2O’s website or by check made payable to: “Give Back
2 Others”.
for the Gala are $75 and include: Open Bar, Food, DJ, and Silent Auction
can be purchased on GB2O’s website or by check made payable to “Give Back 2

Rio Grande Way, Gainesville, VA 20155         Give
Back 2 Other EIN: 47-1660704